President Armando: Small farmers are the backbone of national economy

Maputo, NU Online
President of Mozambique Armando Emilio Guebuza called on farmer organizations to strengthen the role of farmers in pursuing both social justice and prosperity.

"The farmers especially the small ones are the backbone of national economy in each developing country," said President Armando as speaking at the inauguration of the Fifth International Peasant Conference of the "La Via Campesina" in Maputo, Mozambique on Sunday (19/20).

Formerly the international coordinator of the La Via Campesina Henry Saragih had also delivered a speech and been translated with more than ten languages. President Armando said that every country had its own potentials on agriculture and economy that should be developed as well as supported by such advanced agricultural technology.

The conference participated by farmer leaders throughout the world seemed to be a momentous event and was formerly started by performing original art shows of the country and various agricultural seeds, distributed freely to all participants.

The president said in meeting the goal there should be such agrarian (politcal) reform in all developing countries.

"So we are capable of facing any World Trade Organization (WTO) movement. For that Reason it's necessary to soon provide educational structures, health care services accessible to people so that they can be healthy, smart and ready to face any neoliberal challenges," he said.

La Via Campesina offers a real vision and proven solutions to address the current food crisis. More than ever, small farmers around the world are struggling for their very survival. The crisis in the agricultural sector, along with the current financial crisis, the unprecedented climate and environmental crises, the energy crisis and a profound and global social crisis are all the symptoms of the failure of the same model, the neoliberal model under which the whole society is organized around profit making.

Since its creation 15 years ago, La Via Campesina has become the primary global network of small farmers, peasants, landless and small-scale food producers whose voice is now being heard in the international press as well as in foras such as the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome and the Human Rights Council in Geneva. La Via Campesina is also recognized and respected within anti-globalization networks and among other social movements. (mdz)