Nyéléni International launches New Website

30th June 2022 – Nyéléni, the International Food Sovereignty movement has launched its new website (nyeleni.org) today to ensure easier accessibility and visibility to all the material and documents produced over more than 15 years of struggles and building the movement for Food Sovereignty.

The website, accessible in English, Spanish and French, is now more user-friendly, mobile-compatible and it has a better search engine. The content has also been organised in three main sections:

  • The International Food Sovereignty movement and newsletter: This section introduces the movement and the newsletter, as well as all the organisations involved. It also links to a collection of key documents and publications divided by theme (such as Food Sovereignty, Land, Fishery, etc. These compendiums will continue to be updated with new documents and material.
  • The Nyéléni newsletter: This section includes all the newsletter editions published until now. The newsletter is the only common publication of the organisations and movements implicated in the international struggle forFood Sovereignty, which makes it unique. Over the last 10 years more than forty editions on a variety of topics have been regularly published (such as land and territory, seeds, migration and farm workers, ocean grabbing, digitalization, agroecology, FTAs, corporate governance, nutrition, authoritarianism, climate change, and many more…). The newsletter offers important informative and educational material on complex issues and provides a unique space for grassroots organisations to share their experiences and learn from each other.
  • The Nyéléni forums for Food Sovereignty: On one hand this section includes all the documents produced during the Forum which took place in Mali in 2007: from the material generated during the long preparation process before the event, to the media coverage and the final reports. On the other there is a link to the new Nyéléni process which is taking place at the moment and will finalise with a new Global Forum of Food Sovereignty in the upcoming years.