Mobilization on 25th September: We are fed up of your EU agricultural policy!

We are fed up!

On the 25th of September the Ministers of Agriculture of the EU will gather behind the thick walls of the castle Schloss Hof to lay the ground-work for the agriculture and nutrition of the future. Instead of a fundamental course correction, it is “business as usual” that will be served to the population of Europe, and beyond. As this very policy has bred and brewed agroindustry and the climate crisis – are we willing to obediently drink it?

We are fed up with it! We raise the alarm!

We stand for a peasant agriculture, climate justice, for animal welfare, fair trade and good food for all!

With cooking pots and spoons we are going to get loud on September 25th and to remind the ministers that it is our future they decide on. We will be on-site with bicycles and tractors to take a clear stand for just policy for all and against the profits of few. Comfortably bedded on straw and sharing soup, beer, and juice, we additionally invite journalists, politicians and all those interested to discuss agriculture and a fair agri-food policy. So pick up your Dirndl and Lederhose, mount your bicycle, sway your flag, and take your cooking pot and spoon with you and join us!

For a democratic food policy now!

When: Tuesday, 25th September at 8:00pm

Where: SchloBhof 1, 2294 SchloBhof (map: open source map for the action)

Please bring along:

Please bring your cooking pot and a spoon. We will use them to make noise for an agricultural turnaround and show the ministers, that we must and will not drink, as they have brewed.

You are very welcome to wear a Dirndl and leather trousers or other traditional clothes. Or you can create your own sign or banner to let the ministers see what you think about their policy and what, instead, is needed for good food for all!

Arrival from Vienna:

The meeting place for everyone who wants to travel jointly from Vienna is at the departure platform at 7:00 am, Vienna Main station. We will take the REX 2506 at 07:16 to Marchegg. There are also possibilities to get on the train in Bahnhof Simmering, Bahnhof Stadlau, Wien Hausfeldstraße Bahn-hof and Siebenbrunn-Leopoldsdorf Bahnhof.

If possible, please come by bike. This will make it easier for you to move about, since some of the distances on-site are a bit far by foot (approximately 20 min per bike). If you come by bike, please register here, so we can reserve enough room on the train.

We also have buses and cars for transportation!

Supply on site:

Since we want to make palpable what the good life for all could look like, we will be waiting for you with soup, juice, beer, straw bales, and music! The red pin on the map indicates where we will be waiting for you.

For further information go to

EN: This 25th of September close to Vienna, say NO to agro-business and the actual #EU agriculture politics and say YES…

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