March 30 – Day of struggle of people in Palestine to recover their stolen land

La Via Campesina in the Arab Region and North Africa (ArNa Process) Land Day Statement, March 30, 2022

Let us strengthen our struggle for land, food sovereignty and the rights of men and women peasants.

Today we commemorate the anniversary of Land Day, the memory of the uprising of the Arab people in Palestine in order to defeat the occupation and recover the land.

On March 30, 1976, the Palestinian people rose up in all the occupied territories as a reaction against the Zionist enemy’s efforts to expand into other areas of Palestine and expel the Palestinians from their land in flagrant defiance of the Arab people, the resistance movement, and all covenants and laws. The Palestinians rose up against and still stand up to this colonial policy. On that day, 6 martyrs, dozens wounded and some imprisoned as they resisted the occupier. Thus, the 30th of March is now a symbolic day of struggle and sacrifice for the sake of the land. This day embodies a link in a series of epic and legendary sacrifices made by the Palestinian people in their struggle against Zionist colonialism. It also confirms Palestinian people as a resistance that will not accept or compromise on its land and will not neglect its right in light of the illusory calls for surrender and coexistence with colonialism.

Today, we are experiencing a wave of official normalization of ties between the occupier and some Arab countries. Several reactionary regimes have engaged in it, in addition to cultural normalization in several other Arab countries, supporting the policy of displacement, killing and arrest.

The Palestinian Land Day has turned into a day when all the free people in the world struggle for the land. It prompts us to evoke the continuous struggle of peasants in the Arab region and the world for land, food sovereignty, agroecology and climate justice against the monopolistic capitalist policies. These policies confiscate the land and exploit it destroying the family and local agriculture. They focus on extractive activities and draining the underground resources to serve the interests of multinational companies, perpetuating the dependence of peoples and destruction of the land, environment and climate.

Let us raise the banner of the struggle high for land, freedom, food sovereignty, and the rights of all peasants. Let us continue our struggle!

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people

Long live the Eternal Land Day

Long live the struggles of the peasants!

Glory to the martyrs

Land, Freedom, National Dignity

Food sovereignty, climate justice

La Via Campesina in the Arab Region and North Africa (ArNa Process)

(Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Mauritania, Morocco)