“Lee Kyung Hae Agroecological Peasants’ Fair Showcases the Extensive Cultural Diversity of Peasant and Indigenous Communities”

(Bogota: December 4, 2023) An agroecological fair, featuring products crafted by member organizations, as well as peasant and Indigenous communities worldwide, took place during the 8th Global Conference of LVC in Bogota on December 4th. The fair served as a commemoration of the sacrifice made by Comrade Lee Kyung Hai from the Korean Peasants League, who self-immolated in protest against the WTO, symbolizing the detrimental impact of WTO’s free trade policies on small farmers.

Numerous stalls, established by farmers, showcased an array of peasant produce such as coffee, seeds, cacao, honey, teas, crafts, fabric, herbal medicines, clothes, and cosmetics. Additionally, literature and pamphlets from various farmers’ movements, representing diverse social movements, were on display. These items reflected a rich tapestry of crafts not only from the host country, Colombia, but also from places like Malaysia and Uganda.

Carlos Armando of FECORACEN, El Salvador, expressed, “This fair is an expression of diverse cultures and movements from around the world. It represents our handiwork and skills.”

Dayang Julia Binti Mawi of PANGGAU, Malaysia, added, “This fair is about our own produce that we grow. It is about self-reliance. It highlights the incredible skills of women who transform produce into beautiful products like food, medicine, and even our own makeup!”