La Via Campesina Greatest Hits

  • La Via Campesina
    Collective creation – FSM – Mumbai 2004
    Interpretation:  Moya and Tommy Sands
    Languages: English, Español, Français
  • Korean Farmer’s song
    Original version in Korean recorded by the Korean farmers
    Translated versions in French,  English, Spanish and Italian interpreted by Andrea Tronchin
  • Petani Dunia- Indonesia
    by Sejati the creative branch of Serikat Petani Indonesia (Indonesian Peasant’s Union)
    Languages: bahasa indonesia, English, Español


  • We Are the Seeds – North America
    Recorded during the Youth Assembly, North American Mistica, Matola, October 2008
    Interpretation: Kalissa Regier (NFU Canada)
    Introduction: Logan Perkins (NFFC USA)
  • Youth Poem
    Collective creation by the II Youth Assembly in Matola, October 2008