La Via Campesina condemns Israel’s massacre on ‘Land Day’ 2018 and calls for an immediate end to the bloodshed

(05 April 2018) La Via Campesina firmly condemns the recent assassinations committed by the criminal State of Israel and solemnly supports the Palestinian people in their struggle for land, freedom and dignity. With 19 innocent people killed in the past week alone, La Via Campesina calls for an immediate cessation of Israel’s war on the people of Palestine.

Every March 30th since 1976 the brave and heroic people of Palestine celebrate the « Land Day », reminding the world of the crimes committed by the Israeli Occupation – crimes that continue to be perpetrated despite all the laws and international conventions and ignoring the increased solidarity expressions with the Palestinian people shared by brothers and sisters around the world.

This March 30th, 2018, tens of thousands of Palestinians converged in Gaza and the West Bank to claim their right to land, freedom, dignity and food sovereignty. They converged to denounce the crime of occupation as neither ‘prescriptible’ nor forgotten, no matter how long the policy of brutality and force are maintained. In cold blood, snipers of the deadly Israeli machines shot dead 19 defenseless Palestinians in Gaza. The Israeli army, supposedly the « most ethical army in the world », injured more than 2,000 people in a single day – ‘Land Day’

La Via Campesina supports the Palestinian people against usurpation, daily killings – the majority of those killed are peasants and fishermen – land grabbing and the looting of natural resources. La Via Campesina condemns the perpetrators of these crimes, the Israeli Occupation, nothing more than the strong arm of imperialism in the Middle East.

La Via Campesina stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), La Via Campesina´s member organisation in Palestine, and the Palestinian people in their struggle for food sovereignty, peace and justice, demanding an immediate cessation to the Israeli Occupation and its ongoing policy of intentional killings, assassinations, and massacres.

Long live the peasants of the world ! Long live Palestine and its people !

La Via Campesina