La Via Campesina: 2019 Annual Report

Summary: This annual report highlights the struggles and activities we had and the progress we made in 2019. These happened in the context of a world faced with many complex and interconnected challenges that heightened political crises and triggered mass mobilizations and protests broke out in all corners of the earth. What is clear and common among the protests is that economic inequality, poverty, and climate crisis can no longer be tolerated. In the context of contradictory realities of hope and desperation, the people, both rural and urban, are fed up and disillusioned with the current neoliberal political-economic order. Only a radical societal transformation upheld by food sovereignty can repair the current polarization and bring peasants, workers, and the majority of the poor into the center stage of the political and economic questions facing the world today. We need to build greater unity and solidarity to struggle against exploitation and criminalization in all its forms. One way to do this is to strengthen the existing solidarity mechanism by developing an emergency response system and giving legal support to those imprisoned for defending our rights. UN Declaration on the Rights of the Peasants and other People Working in Rural Areas is one of the legal instruments we will use to strengthen local and national struggles for agrarian reform, agroecology, popular peasant feminism, and food sovereignty.

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Publication date: May 2020

Available in Spanish and French