Korean government’s repression on the anti-KorUS FTA movement intensified

Police attack and repression on workers and farmers are intensified after the first "Mass People's Resistance against KorUS FTA" on 22nd of November. Up to date over police issued summons and warrants of arrests to more than 170 workers and farmers who joined the first "Mass People's Resistance against KorUS FTA". After the first rally, police raided nine local KoA and Korean Peasant League offices.  Police even raided relatives' house to find activists and it is known that special teams are made to catch workers and farmers. Workers and farmers under warrants are having sit-ins in churches and temples. A special team for arresting anti-KorUS FTA activists was made and are following up the workers and farmers.
It was also reported that police called peasants home and threatened them not to join the rally. Police even watched them just in front of peasants house on 29th morning. The government ordered police to block highways and railway station to deter peasant joining the rally which would be held in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The main target of 29th repression was farmers and peasants' rally. The rally to be held in front of the Seoul railway station was dismissed by police and police arrested 9 peasants crying out against police blockage. Despite the fact, 700 peasant and farmers succeeded to have peasants and farmers' rally.
Voice against KorUS FTA occupied roads on 29th November
The 2nd "Mass People's Resistance against KorUS FTA" continued. The Korean government still didn't allow rallies on the day even it is basic people's rights to have rally given by the Constitutional Law. Korean Alliance against KorUS FTA had no choice but to have rally on the streets on the 29th of November. Even though police blocked streets, 3,000 workers, farmers and social movements activists run and occupied main road of Seoul shouting "Stop the KorUS FTA Right Now". The rally ended with candle light virgil. The 3rd "Mass People's Resistance against KorUS FTA" will be continued on 6th December while the 5th round of talks over KorUS FTA being held from 4th to 8th of Dec. in Montana, US.

KoA Newsletter#4 – December 5, 2006