Korean farmers in Solidarity with women and children farmers from Japan

Letter from the Korean Women Peasant Association to Nouminren, the Japanese farmers organisation

Dear Mr. Junichi Shraisi,

We send you warm greetings and express our solidarity in this time of tragedy around the nuclear plant accident. To support your struggles, the central committee decided on April 4 to provide temporary shelters to women and children affiliated with Nouminren members.

Ever since the tsunami hit the northeaster areas of Japan in March 11, we have observed the worsening and increasing seriousness of the damage incurred. We are aware that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency rated the current nuclear accident its highest level at 7, equal only to the incident at Chernobyl. We worry about the possibility that the “chain earthquakes” moving within the vicinity of Tokyo may further aggravate the situation.

The Korean Women Peasants Association (KWPA) can not sit and watch its neighbors in Japan suffer. KWPA has raised funds and sent these to Nouminren members. We are dedicated to finding other ways to help.

All this while, women and children have been affected by natural dangers as well as various other dangers caused by climate change. We understand how the women and children who lack the right to access important information and resources face difficulties escaping these dangers and becoming independent. We have heard that radioactive substances were detected in the breast milk of Japanese women. Therefore, KWPA wants to provide temporary shelters for the women and children who have been suffering.

Nouminren and KWPA has been building its relationship over the past three years. KWPA thinks this is the time for solidarity – to take action, and for both organizations to overcome this obstacle together.

KWPA prepared homes nationwide in the countryside so women and children could stay for three months. We also plan on providing food and other necessities for the duration of any stay in Korea. KWPA has some local resources from centers that we have run for women peasants and afterschool programs.

As for language problems, we will mobilize the human resources we have. Many migrant women now live in rural areas and receive support from local governments and various different institutions.

We hope that our efforts can help Nouminren overcome its current difficulties.

If you need more details, please feel free to contact us.


Jeomok Park

Chairperson of Korean Women Peasants Association