Indonesia: Peasants Welcomes President’s speech at the Asian-African Conference, Realization Soon Better

SPI Press Release

A Speech of President Joko Widodo on the 60th anniversary of the Asian-African Conference (KAA) praised the general public on Wednesday (22/4). Indonesian Peasant´s  Union (SPI) is one of the parties also welcomed the speech.

Of approximately 838 words in texts, Jokowi reveals clearly the people of Asia and Africa present problems, also the relevance of “Bandung Spirit” for the future of the two important regions in the world.

“We are pleased Jokowi raised the issue of inequality, injustice and violence at the highest forum of Asian countries of Africa. Here are some points that also feed into the Asian-African People’s Conference (KRAA) which took place on Saturday (19 /) 4) ago. Although the previous day at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia he invited private and transnational companies to invest in agriculture, “said Henry Saragih at SPI office, Jakarta, this afternoon (22/04).

“Inequality and injustice, as well as Asian and African people’s desire to work together with the government to solve it, is a fundamental problem that needs to be followed up together. The input itself has been accepted by the committee on the implementation KAA four days ago at the National Gallery, Jakarta, “said Henry again.

Furthermore, Henry expressed excitement farmers to escape the influence of the spirit of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

“Peasants have long rejected the neoliberal financial institutions such. They are the roots of inequality of land, water and seeds in this country, “said Chairman of the SPI.

“The World Bank designing and practicing the land market since the 1990s, while the Letter of Intent of the IMF in 1997 to tap the liberalization of imports and food. The IMF also likely to suggest privatization National Food Agency. Meanwhile, ADB also contribute greatly to the liberalization of private land for the several laws and regulations, “said Henry.

“Indonesia is a good example to not depend on the World Bank, IMF and ADB. We are trying to escape from the IMF, although not entirely free, “he said again.

Henry continued, the World Bank never encourage the liberalization of water in the project. But the people are united, and finally a liberal law on the water this year is no longer valid.

“Well, we are now waiting for the realization of the President’s speech Jokowi. Water for example, must be processed entirely by the state for the welfare of the people, “said Henry.

Judicial decisions Water Act was not fully implemented by the government. Meanwhile, the right of access to water remains a matter of farmers and urban communities. Private and still continue to rake in profits from the water that should be enjoyed by the people in free.

Henry added, Mr. Jokowi should immediately realize this good speech. Welfare, solidarity, and human rights as mentioned must immediately we achieve together. Farmers clearly supportive and ready to work hard together.

“Finally, farmers SPI praised our commitment to Palestine. We’ve been in solidarity with the farmers there, and it would be nice if the freedom and rights of the Palestinian people is also recognized worldwide, “added Henry.