In union with refugees and migrants: Denunciation of the EU’s and European government’s inhuman policies

Brussels, 18 March 2016

The General Assembly of the European Coordination Via Campesina stands in solidarity with the thousands of refugees that fleeing wars come to Europe to save and rebuild their lives.

Correspondingly, we strongly condemn the policy of the European Union and European governments- ratified by the measures taken in this last EU Council of Ministers this 18th of March. Rather than assuming their international responsibilities to human rights and global justice, EU member states have responded with more barriers, repression and media manipulation, condemning migrants to suffering, humiliation and death, with the sole purpose of defending their interests and profits above all humanity. The signing of agreements with third countries where money and favors are exchanged for humans beings places us on such levels of moral deprivation and institutional crime that it’s impossible to remain unsettled.

As European farmers and field workers we are ashamed of our political representatives and we are committed to exposing and mobilizing against this brutality. Because the struggles and the interests of refugees and migrants are OUR struggles and OUR interests. The same political and economic powers that seek to destroy the peasantry, the environment and the food sovereignty of peoples around the world, are the ones that cause wars, climate change, impoverish local economies and constantly violate human rights around the world.

For all these reasons, the European Coordination Via Campesina promises to make of the struggle of free movement, ensuring safe routes for refugees and the defence of life and basic rights of all migrants, one of the main pillars of its own work plan and struggle.

For a democratic Europe, for the respect of human rights and food sovereignty. We call on peasants, field workers and European civil society to go out and defend peace against war, solidarity against repression and dignity against plunder.

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