In Solidarity with people of Honduras two years after the coup

The Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations CLOC-Vía Campesina and its
member organizations throughout the continent wish to express their solidarity with the
country of Honduras, which two years ago faced an regrettable coup d’état, which brought
with it: deaths, violation of human rights, a social crisis and an attack on the fundamental
principles of democracy.

CLOC-Vía Campesina believes that the crisis that Honduras has faced and its attack on
democracy has represents an assault on all countries in Latin America that have given
their lives in the struggle for democracy. In this regard, we condemn the cowardly acts
on the morning of June the 28, 2009, carried out by armed forces under the command of
Lt. Col. Rene Antonio Herpburn Bueso, who raided the presidential residence and later
arrested President Manuel Zelaya. The President was thereafter transferred to an Air
Force base south of Tegucigalpa to be taken to Dominican Republic where he was exiled
for 16 months.

At the same time, we applaud the Honduran peoples defiant resistance, which has served
as a beacon of courage for our people.

We also recognise that the social crisis in Honduras has created favourable conditions for
the rise of its oppressed people. This in turn has led to the organisation of the masses,
represented in the National Popular Resistance Front, where men, women, youths and
children from all parts of society have joined forces and raised their voices in their struggle
and resistance.

In this context, and in accordance the commitments undertaken by CLOC-Vía during our
5th Congress, we demand:

1. That the participation of peasant organizations and social movements, represented
through the National Popular Resistance Front, is duly integrated in the design of a new
constitutional framework that guarantees all peoples rights.

2. That the violations of human rights, that still today threaten all those socially organized
in Honduras, come to an end.
3. That a true spirit of solidarity is created amongst the countries, that are so called friends
of Honduras, so as to genuinely assist Honduras in the rebuilding of its democracy.
4. That a conscious mass media throughout the globe highlights the social crisis facing
Honduras and calls for a campaign of solidarity with the Honduran people resistance, as a
means to prevent similar coups reoccurring elsewhere in the continent and in the world.

Finally, we call on all our organizations, friends and allies to join us in this Day of Solidarity
with Honduras. To resist the continued militarization of our world and to work for the
creation of a culture of peace, based on the integration of peoples in their struggle
for justice, freedom and popular policies aimed at ending colonialism, imperialism,
dictatorships and patriarchal structures.

For the sovereignty of our peoples, American Fight!