In Solidarity with FNSA and Agricultural Workers in Morocco!

We, La Via Campesina (LVC), have learned with disgust the repressive actions in Morocco against the protest movement organized by our member the Federation Nationale du Secteur Agricole (FNSA) on the morning of 8 DEC 2022 in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture.

This peaceful trade union movement was aimed at establishing a sincere and responsible social dialogue to meet the legitimate demands of workers in the agricultural sector and put an end to the abuses suffered by peasants and agricultural workers in the country.

As a global peasant movement, LVC condemns this anti-union and non-human act. We are united and emphatic in our demand that the persons in charge of the agricultural sector begin a serious dialogue with the FNSA to treat its claim file.

Peasants’ Rights Now! Globalise the Struggle! Globalise Hope!