Honduras: Attack on Zelaya

(Tegucigalpa, 25th  September 2009) This morning the president and several of those who have accompanied him in the Brazilian embassy since Monday 21st September 2009, denounced the attempts being made on the lives of all those inside the embassy. The army has begun to put gasses and toxic substances into the space, which are seriously affecting the health of all those in the building.

The health problems suffered by the president Zelaya and his companions are many and various. These gasses have catastrophic effects on the body including: vomiting, headaches, muscular pain, nosebleeds and burning in the throat. The majority of those inside the embassy are presenting these symptoms.

A medical doctor, Dr. Castellanos, went to the site to assess the level of contamination in the area, but the police refused to let him pass. From a considerable distance he was able to determine that there is a fairly high level of contamination in the area and its surrounds, because the people living around the embassy are also displaying symptoms like those denounced by the President to the national and international press.

Today in a press conference, president Zelaya condemned all the repression they are suffering at the hands of this /de facto /regime and showed photos of soldiers hanging bags containing toxic liquids.

Father Tamayo, who is together with Zelaya stated that they had seen a helicopter fly low over the Brazilian embassy and launch toxic gasses. In the early hours of the morning, they also saw a white armored vehicle belonging to a security company arrive and remove all the soldiers and police close to the Brazilian embassy. Later, this same vehicle also launched gasses and around two hours later the military returned to their posts.

The condemnation of these acts has reached national and international levels and president Zelaya himself in a press conference today at midday, calling on organizations defending human rights to act rapidly to prevent another tragedy in the country.

Every day that passes, the risks increase, as the repression is increasing and we don’t know how long they can hold out against the attempts being made on the lives of the President’s companions and the President himself by this /de facto /regime which seems to be intent on continuing to repress the people of Honduras.

Nevertheless, the resistance has reached it’s 90th  day of struggle. The march today, Friday, was massive, starting in the Francisco Morazán pedagogic university and culminating in the city center where some tear gas grenades were launched at the resistors; In San Pedro Sula the resistors also condemned acts of repression, tomorrow, in the capital, the meeting point is in the same place as today and the route of the march is to be confirmed; there is also a vehicle caravan planned for 2pm, after the march is over.

Vía Campesina Communications in Honduras