Haiti: Mobilization at the Haitian Agricultural Ministry against Monsanto


The current political framework and the processes of economic integration carried out by governments and transnational capital together make it necessary for us to unify our vision and strengthen our action strategies against this new imperialist attack.

The earthquake which occurred in Haiti on the 12th January killed 300 000 people, injured 500 000 others and left thousands of people homeless…35 seconds made 3 million disaster victims. Haiti’s vulnerability in the face of natural catastrophes has many causes underlying which are the actions of the colonial and neo-colonial powers, principally Spain, France, United States, as well as the policies of the International Financial Institutions and of transnational corporations and the national groups holding political and economical power.


With their deadly gift to the Ministry of Agriculture of 475 tonnes of hybrid seeds, Monsanto and its accomplices are worsening the situation of the Haitian peasantry. This is a new earthquake; together with our national and international friends and the Via Campesina we must struggle against it.

That is why, we, Haitian organizations members of the Via Campesina, are calling for a large-scale demonstration and march on June 4th 2010 at the Papay Peasant Movement “Lakay” training centre in Papaye. The primary goal of this mobilization is to “Struggle against Monsanto and its Accomplices in Haiti “. We will begin the demonstration by sowing native varieties of corn and planting trees in order to celebrate World Environment Day and to show once more our commitment to protect Haiti and the whole planet. After that, we will march, accompanied by the rhythm of drums, to Charlemagne Peralte de Hinche to burn Monsanto’s seeds.

We are calling on all peasant organizations and national and international social movements to show their solidarity by participating, directly or indirectly, in this large-scale march against Monsanto. People who are not able to be present in Haiti can organize a solidarity action wherever they are. Those who are able to do so can interview the leaders of la Via Campesina in Haiti by telephone while the march is taking place:


Chavannes Jean Baptiste Mouvement Paysans de Papaye et membre du CCI : 509-34 55 15 86


Filfrant St. Nare Mouvement Paysans de Papaye (MPP): 509 34 46-23 82

Festil Pierre Doudou, Mouvman Peyizan National Kongrè Papay (MPNKP): 509 34 57 37 09

Rose Edith Raymonville, Mouvman Peyizan National Kongrè Papay (MPNKP: 509 3669-74 24

Rosenel Jean Baptiste, Tet Kole Ti peyizan Ayisyen (TK): 509 37 7 1 86 32

Iderle Brenus , Appui Technique de la Via Campesina de la Caraibe : 509 3427- 5622