General Conference of All Nepal Peasants’ Federation

A Grand National general conference of All Nepal Peasants’ Association was successfully held in Pokhara, Nepal on 13-15 May, 2007. About 1500 peasants’ leaders from all different regions and districts took part in the historic conference. The representatives were mainly from different specific organizations like Sugarcane, Poultry, Tea, Coffee, Milk, Fruit, Vegetable, Fish ,Cereal Crops, Herbal,  Bee Keeping, , Mushroom, Livestock , Turmeric and Ginger,  Agriculture Labors,  Peasant women’s  and rural Youth farmers’ forum etc. The distinct character of this general conference was the participation of women where they counted around 45 percent including suppressed, oppressed and indigenous and dalit peasants. This conference was unique in the sense that this types of conference inclusive of all concerned stakeholders had not happened before. The General conference was inaugurated by UML Secretary General Mr. Madhab Kumar Nepal by planting an orange plant on 13 May 2007. Mr. Nepal expressed his solidarity to ANFPa (new acronym for ANPA) and expressed the confidence that the new leadership would be able to scale new heights in its historic legacy as before. He also added that ANPFa would continue its activities regarding Food Sovereignty, Genuine agrarian Reform, abolish feudal society, etc. The programme resounded with goodwill and solidarity messages from more than 24 national and international peasants’ associations’ Progressive cultural presentation were further attractions in between different programmes.  The inauguration session was chaired by Mr. Bam Dev Guam, Chairperson of Napa

The plenary session was held on the 14 May, 2007. In that session Comrade Perm Dangle secretary General presented organizational report, Chairperson Bam Dev Guam presented genuine agrarian reform programme in Nepal 1st vice-chair Kasha All Sheathe presented organizational structure of  ANFPA and 2nd vice-Chairperson Dharma Dutta Debkota presented new constitution of ANFPa  for the discussion Similarly 3rd vice chairperson Devi Bartal  presented a number of regulations regarding  the recent issues such as genuine agrarian reforms Food Sovereignty , conflict, militarization and peace.

Then participants of the conference were divided into 20 different groups. Each group discussed in the documents and presented their views in the plenary. Necessary suggestions from the group were incorporated resolution to be adopted by the conference. The next characteristics of this general conference was that different specialist from different sector were present in the .conference to lead participants in genuine track.

In the third day of the programme conference elected new executive committee for next four years

Which are as follows

Mr. Bam Dev Gautam chairperson, Ms  Shanta Manabi, Mr. keshab Lal Shrestha, Mr. Dharma Dutta debkota, Mr. Devi Prasad Baral and Ram Prita Paswan Vice chairpersons Mr. Prem Prasad Dangal Secretary General, Balram Banskota Deputy Secretary general Mr. D B Karki Secretary and Saradha Prasad Subedi  Treasurer Hari prasad Parajuli , Benu Sivakoti, Ms Ram Maya Rai, Bhuvan Singh Rai, Ms Tej Kumari Shai, Mr. Ram Mani Pokharel , ms Gagat Raina Devi Yadhab, Mr. Ganesh Nepali Ms Pramila Mishra Mr. Bal Bir Choudari and Ms Bimala Karki, Mr. Krishna Aryal , Ms Durga thapa , Subarna Man Dongol Ms Chandra Thani, Mr Ram Raj Regmi and Ms Maya Kc , Mr. Mohan Lal Sharma, Ms Indra Pun,Mr. Daya Raj Basyal, Ms Jalpa Bhusal, Mr, Tika Ram Khadka, Saradha KhadkaMr. Kale Bd. Jamal Ms Gaga Devil Tape, Chakra Pain Sharma,, Krishna, Yagya Raj Basstola, Ms Jiwanti Poudel, Mr. Khem Subedi, Ms. Tara Karki, Ms Kamala Devi Mahato, Ms. Sapana Bohara,Ms. Ratna Sova Marjhan, Ms Sabitra Regmi, Ms Maina Archaism Uma Koirala, Ms Devi Maya Bhattrai  Mr. chakra Prasad ,Tok Bd Tamang Mr Man Pur Choudari, Mr. Nagendra Prasad Yadhab mr. Dhuda Nath Gupta, Ram Naresh Prasad Yadhab were elected as the members of the national committee

Other central committee members were Mr. Raj kumar Upreti Sugarcane. ,Ganga Pd suwal, Poultry,Mr.  Rajendra Rai Tea,Mr. Mitha ram Sharma Coffee,Mr. Dhaka Ram Aryal  Milk,Mr. Netra Poudel Fruit,MrShiva Narayan Shah Vegetable,Mr. Drubha Dhakal Fish , Mr.Jaga Dev Yadhab Cereal Crops, Mr. Maha Bir Pd. Singh Herbal Mr.Ram Chandra Adikari,  Bee Keeping, ,Mr Ganesh Bd. Khatri Mushroom,  Mr. Suraj Singh Lama Livestock , Mr. Ram Bd. ThapaTurmeric and Ginger, Mr. Surendra Mohan Sharma Flowery culture Mr.  Kul Raj Ghimire Agriculture Labors, Ms Uma Koirala Peasant women’s  and Mr. Nahendra Khadka Youth farmers’ forum etc. The distinct character

As the Foreign Delegates  Indra Lubis from La  Via campesina shared the struggle carried out by LA VIA. He extended support and solidarity for the success of the conference and has made an action meeting via compesina and ANPFa were also organized.

The conference also converts ANPA into the federation of Nepalese peasants’small agriculture producers. Now ANPA has been converted into ANPFa.

Nepal, 20 May 2007