G20-Agriculture: Hundreds of organizations say STOP farm land grabbing

Press release

(Paris, June 20, 2011) Hundreds of civil society organisations, including farmers’ movements, women’s groups and non-governmental organisations, will launch a global appeal against farmland grabbing during the G20 meeting on Agriculture in Paris on June 22 and 23.

Over 500 organizations from around the world (1) have joined the “Dakar Appeal Against Land Grabbing” that was originally drawn up at the World Social Forum in Dakar last February (2).

While agriculture ministers from the world’s 20 richest countries are discussing what to do about food price volatility and the growing hunger crisis, millions of hectares of fertile land, along with their water resources, are being grabbed from peasants, pastoralists, herders, fisherfolk and indigenous peoples to be converted into massive agribusiness operations by private investors who want to produce food supplies or agro-fuels for international markets. As a consequence, millions of peasant families and other rural and indigenous folk are being thrown off their lands and deprived of their livelihoods.

During a major academic conference on land grabbing earlier this year in Brighton, UK, research studies of over 100 cases of “large scale land investments” were presented. They generally show no positive effects for local communities (3). On the contrary, in many cases people are being evicted and pushed into poverty.

In the Dakar Appeal, being handed over to the French Government chairing the G20, major civil society organisations are calling upon governments to immediately cease all massive land grabs and return the plundered land to communities. At the moment the G20 facilitates land grabbing by supporting Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI – referred to as PRAI in the draft G20 text).

The organisations call on the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) to definitively reject the World Bank-driven principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI) which are illegitimate and cannot bring equity to land grabbing, and to develop effective mandatory guidelines for land tenure that respect and protect peoples’ rights especially the right to food. Instead an inclusive process at CFS should be launched on what kind of investments are needed to support small holder food producers, women and men.

The petition states that national governments and international institutions should guarantee peoples’ rights to land instead of signing leases with big private investors. Sustainable family farming, agroecological production models and strong local markets are recognized by many as the best way to feed people and to protect the planet.

Contact persons in Paris:

Geneviève Savigny – Confédération paysanne/European Coordination La Via campesina


Romario Rosetto – La Via Campesina Brazil +33-625551687

Antoine Bouhey – Peuples Solidaires/ActionAid, +33-1-48582185

Jeanne Moreen Jorand – CCFD +33-1-44828000

(1) List of signatories below

(2) Read the petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/dakar/petition.html

(3) see International Conference on Global Land Grabbing


List of signatories:

Acción por la Biodiversidad

ACORD (Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development)


Action for Peace & Human Rights

Action Solidarité Tiers Monde Luxembourg

Action Village India

ActionAid International

ADD Medenine (Association pour le Développement Durable) – Tunisia


ADG asbl (Aide au Développement Gembloux asbl) – Belgique

ADIF (Association pour le Développement des Initiatives Féminines) – RD Congo

AEFJN (Africa-Europe Faith & Justice Network)

AFASPA (Association Française d’Amitié et de solidarité avec les Peuples d’Afrique)

Africa Contact

Africa Reporters

African Biodiversity Network

African Centre for Biosafety


Afrika-Europa Netwerk Netherlands

Agencia Popular de Comunicacion Suramericana

Agronomes et Vétérinaires sans frontières

AGTER (Améliorer la Gouvernance de la Terre, de l’Eau et des Ressources naturelles)

AHVI (African Human Voice International)

AIAB (Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica)

AIDC (Alternative Information & development Centre)

AITEC (Association Internationale de Techniciens, Experts et Chercheurs)

Alba Sud, España

Alianza Internacional de Habitantes México

Alianza SARA

Alianza Sara Honduras

Alianza Social Continental

Alliance malienne pour refonder la gouvernance en Afrique

Alliance Sud – Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations

AlterCultures Association


AMA (Aniban ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura) – Union of Agricultural Workers

AMAP (Alianza Mexicana por la Autodeterminacion de los pueblos)

Amigos da Terra Brasil

Amigos de la Tierra Argentina

Anjuman-E-Muzareen Punjab Pakistan (A Movement of Landless Peasants)

AOPP – Mali (Association des Organisations Professionnelles Paysannes du Mali)

APDH (Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l’Homme) – Burundi

API (Indonesian Peasant Alliance)

ARBIO – Perú

Arcs –Arci Cultura e Sviluppo

ARDS (Association pour la Réhabilitation des Défavorisés Sociaux) – Burkina Faso

ARGE Weltläden

ARPA-ATL (Association Régionale des Producteurs d’Ananas de l’Atlantique)

Arradon Terre du Monde

Artisans Du Monde Privas

Asamblea de Unidad Cantonal de Montúfar

ASD – Bangladesh

Aseed Europe (Action for Solidarity, Environment, Equality and Diversity)


ASO (Anywaa Survival Organisation)


Asociacion Campesina CIPA Carahue, Chile

Asociacion Civil Feriantes de Pirane

Asociacion civil vada de c del u

Asociacion civil vida de c del u -argentina-

Asociacion de Pequenos Productores de Cacao de Upala

Asociacion de Trabajadores y Extrabajadores Afectadoc por Namagon y Fumazonea de Nicaragua


Asociación Escuela Ciudadana

Asociacion Misioneros de Jesus

Asociacion QÂ’Anil San Juan Sacatepequez

Asociacion Salvar una Vida

ASP-DROL (Association Solidarité Pour le Droit au Logement)

ASPROCIG – Colombia

Association Kokopelli

Association Solidarité Guyane

Association Tierra Politis

Association Transcultures

Association Villages Durables « VD-asbl », Presqu’île de Buzi-Bulenga, Sud-Kivu – RD Congo

Associazione Rurale Italiana

Assoziation A e.V. Berlin/Hamburg

ASTERADHD (Association Togolaise d’Etude, de Recherche et d’Appui au Développement Humain Durable) – Togo

ATALC (Amigos de la Tierra America Latina y el Caribe)

ATI (Asociación de Trabajo Interdisciplinario)

ATPF (ONG Aménagement des Terroirs et Productions Forestières)

ATTAC France



AUCS (Associazione Universitaria per la Cooperazione e lo Sviluppo)

Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

AVAD (Association Vision Action Développement)


Bangladesh Krishok Federation

BaseIS (BASE. Investigaciones Sociales)

BC Food Systems Network



BIOS Argentina

Biowatch South Africa

Bizilur – Asociacion para la cooperacion y el desarrollo de los pueblos

Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association, Tillery

Blue Planet Project

Brasserie Vapeur

Brasilien und Uganda Hilfe e.V.

Bread for all

Bremen Information Center for Human Rights and Development

Brot für die Welt

BUKO – Kampagne gegen Biopiraterie

CAB (Coordination des Associations de Boulmiougou)

CADE/Japan (Centro de Accion para el Desarrollo y el Derecho)

CADTM (Comité pour l’annulation de la dette du tiers monde) Belgique

CADTM (Comité pour l’Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde) Suisse

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Caritas Austria

Carre Géo & Environnement

Carré Géo Environnement

CCDE (Center for Community, Democracy and Ecology)

CCVC (Coordinacion Campesina des Valle des Cauca)

CECCAM (Centro de Estudios para el Cambio en el Campo Mexicano)

CEFAN (La Francophonie en Amérique du Nord)

CEIBA – Amigos de la Tierra Guatemala

CENESTA (Centre for Sustainable Development) Iran

Censat Agua Viva

Cense Equi’voc

Centre Mamou – Centre Ressources Communication et Développement

Centro de Investigacion y Promocion del Campesinado

Centro de Mujeres Aymaras Candelaria, Bolivia

Centro Ecologico

Centro Ecologista Renacer

Centro Internazionale Crocevia

Centro Social y Cultural Ambiental Ina Panqara

CEPA (Centre d’Ecologia i Projectes Alternatius)

CERAI (Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional)

CESTA – Amigos de la Tierra El Salvodor

CETRI – Centre Tricontinental

CFJ (Citizens for Justice) – Friends of the Earth Malawi

CFSI (Comité français pour la solidarité internationale)

CHRR (Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation)

CIDER (Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo)


CIEL (Center for International Environmental Law)

CIFAES (Universidad Rural Paulo Freire en Tierra de Campos)

CIFRE (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche)

CILONG (Centre d’information et de liaison des ONG) – Tchad

Ciranda – International Ciranda of Shared Communication

Citoyen du monde

CLM (Coordinadora Asociaciones Inmigrantes)

CNCR (Conseil National de Concertation et de Coopération des Ruraux)

CNOP (Coordination Nationale de Organisations Paysannes du Mali)

Codas/Caritas Bafoussam

CODEFF – Amigos de la Tierra Chile

Codemu (Consejo de desarrollo municipal)

COECOCEIBA – Amigos de la Tierra Costa Rica

COHA (Council on Hemispheric Affairs)

Colectivo Voces Ecologicas

Collectif Anti-OGM 66

Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches – Tany

Comité français pour la solidarité international

Comité logement Trois-Rivières

Comite Resistencia y Dignidad Adolfina Villanueva

Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Mauritania inc.

Community Alliance for Global Justice/AGRA Watch

Compagnie Culturelle N’Dunzi – Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville

CONAMURI (Coordinadora Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indigenas)

Confédération Paysanne de Bretagne

Confédération Paysanne nationale

Confédération Paysanne 11

Confédération Paysanne de l’Aveyron

Confédération Paysanne du Calvados

Confédération Paysanne du Morbihan

Confédération Paysanne 79

CONGCOOP (Coordinacion de ONG y cooperativas)

Consejo Comunitario Rural de los Pueblos de Montecristi

Consumer Protection Organisation of Nigeria

Convergencia para la Democracia Social de Guinea Ecuatorial

Cooper Institute

Coordinadora de Pueblos Indigenas de Occidente « Adiact-Agateyte »

Coordinadora Ni una sola mina

Coordination SUD

COPACO (Confédération Paysanne du Congo)

CORDAP (Conseil Rural pour le Développement de l’Agriculture et la Pêche)

Corporacion Heritage Colombia

Corporacion Plan y Accion

Corporacion rio Guadalajara

Corporación Sembrar

Corporate Europe Observatory


Council of Canadians

CPM (Coalition Paysanne de Madagascar)

CRBM (Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale)

CRID (Centre de Recherche et d’Information pour le développement)

CSMM (Centro de Documentacion en Derecho Humanos Segundo Montes Mozo SJ)

Ctm Altromercato

CVM (Community of Volunteer for the World)

Daughters of Charity

Daughters of Mumbi Global Ressource Center (Kenya)

Daulat Institute West Sumatera Indonesia

Decidamos, Campana por la Expresion Ciudadana

Déclaration de Berne – Berne Declaration

Della Zia Productos Organicos

DKA-Austria (Dreikönigsaktion)

Dole Ecologie

DRL Synergies

Drums for Solar

Duncan Law

Earth’s Keeper, Inc. U.S.A.

e-CAN (Ecology and Climate Action Network) – Asia

E-CHANGER – Suisse

Ecologista en Accion – Federacion de Malaga

Ecologistas en Acción

Ecologistas en Accion Palencia

Ecology Collective, Turkey



Ecosalud- Argentina

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Eine Welt Initiative Korbach

Ekta Mahila Manch

Elevages sans frontières

Elkar Sarea Euskal Herria

Elkar Truke – Bidezko Merkataritza, Comercio Justo, Commerce Equitable

Emerald Green

Enda America Latina – Colombia

ENDA Pronat


Entraide et Fraternité – Belgium

Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth – Nigeria

Equal In Rights

EquityBD (Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh)

ESAFF (East and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmers’ Forum)

Escuela Agroecologica Naturaleza y Vida, Uruguay

ESSF (Europe Solidaire sans Frontières)


Europe Solidaires Sans Frontières

European coordination Via Campesina


Fahamu – Network for Social Justice

Fair Food (Nashville)

Family Farm Defenders

FAN (Food Action Nepal)

FAP Cameroun (Forest and Agro Forestry Promoters)

FDCL (Forshungs und dokumentationszentrum Chile-Lanteinamerika)

Federació d’Ecologistes de Catalunya

Federación de Comités de Solidaridad con África negra “UMOYA’’

Fédération Nationale « Accueil Paysan »

Fédération Nature & Progrès

Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in West Africa

Femme et Société

FEMNET (African Women’s Development & Communication Network)

FEMUCARINAP (Federacion National de Mujeres Campesinas, Artesanas, Indigenas, Nativas y Asalariadas des Peru)

FENOP (Fédération Nationale des Organisations paysannes) – Burkina Faso

FIAN (FoodFirst Information & Action Network) International

FIAN Austria

FIAN Belgium

FIAN Burkina

FIAN Ecuador

FIAN France

FIAN Germany

FIAN International

FIAN Mexico

FIAN Netherlands

FIAN Sweden

Fiantso Madagascar

FIMARC (Fédération Internationale des Mouvements d’Adultes Ruraux Catholiques)

Focus one the Global South


FoE Timor-Leste (Haburas Foundation)

Fondation pour les Femmes Africaines (Congo – France)

Fondation pour les Femmes Africaines (Congo-France)

Fondazione diritti genetici

Food Connect Foundation

Food Secure Canada


Foro Ecologico del Peru

Forum Civique Européen

Foundation HELP

Frenproca (Frente Progresista Caletero)

Frères des Hommes Belgique

Friends of the Earth – Cyprus

Friends of the Earth Adelaide

Friends of the Earth International

Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (Québec, Canada)

Fundacion Caosmosis

Fundacion Casa Tres Patios

Fundacion Concern Universal- Colombia


Fundacion La Iluminacion

Fundacion Tropico, Colombia


Gaia Foundation, Hungary

Gamin de l’art rue

Gandhi International

Genre en action


Global Initiative for Economic ; Social and Cultural Rights

Global Justice Ecology Project


GPDN (Guatemala Peace and Devlopment Network) – Red por la Paz y el Desarrollo de Guatemala


GRAPR (Groupement de Réflexion et d’Appui pour la Promotion Rurale) – RD Congo

Grassroots International

GRDR – Migrations, Citoyenneté, Développement

GreenPeace Africa

GRET France

Groupe de recherche en intérêt public de l’UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Groupe Ecosocialiste de Solidarités Suisse

Grupo Semillas, Colombia

Haburas Foundation

Hecho en Bs As / empresa social

HEDA (Human and Environmental Devlopment Agenda)

Hijas de la Luna, Argentina

Housing and Land Rights Network, Habitat International Coalition (Cairo, Egypt)

I.P.A. Manning

ICCO Great lacs office-Bukavu/DRC

ICID (Iniciativas de Cooperacion Internacional para el Desarrollo) – Spain

IDEMACH (Asociacion Instituto de Desarrollo y Manejo de las Cuencas Hidricas)

IHCS (Indonesian Human Rights Committee for Social Justice)

IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development)

IMU (Irish Missionary Union)

INADES-Formation Côte-d’Ivoire

INADES-Formation International

INADES-Formation Togo

INADES-Formation / GIZ (Antenne d’Atakpamé)

Indicep (Instituto de investigacion cultural para educacion popular)

Informationsstelle Peru e.V. (Freiburg/Alemania)

Ingalan Bro An Alre (pays d’Auray)

Ingenieria sin Fronteras Navarra

Iniciativa contra lo Agronegocios


INSAF (Indian Social Action Forum)

Institute for Sustainable Development

Institute for Sustainable Development, Slovenia

Instytut Globalnej Odpowiedzialnosci


International Alliance of Inhabitants


IRPAD (Institut de Recherche et de Promotion des Alternatives en Développement) – Afrique

ISADO, Magura

Itireleng Development and Educational Project

JAA (Jeunesse Africaine Agricole)

JASuL (Joint Action for Sustainable Livelihood) – Tamilnadu

JEURAC (Jeunesse Rurale Active)

Jubilee South Global Debt Network

Jubileo Sur/Americas

Jubileu Sul – Brasil

Juristes Solidarité

Justicia Global (Brasil)


Kenya Debt Relief Network (KENDREN)


Kolectivo El Rebelde

Kooperation Brasilien

L’Autre Syndicat

La Casa Nicaragua

La Gabbianella Onlus

La Paix en marche

La Verde s.c.a.

La Via Campesina

LAND (Life Association for National Development)

Le Début des Haricots asbl

Le Monde selon les femmes

Le retour à la terre

League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development

LEAT (Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team)

Lembaga Informasi Perburuhan Sedane I Sedane Labour Resource Center

Les Amis de la Terre – Belgique

Les Amis de la Terre – France

Les Amis de la Terre – Togo

Les Jardins de Cocagne

Lessines-Afrique asbl

Les Trois Pierres

Les vents sauvages

Let’s Go Farm

Liga Comunistilor din Romania

Ligue des Consommateurs camerounais

Lok Sanjh Foundation

Lorenzo Muelas Hurtado – Resguardo de Guambia


M.A.I.S. Ong

MAIZ Tabasco (Movimiento Agrarista Indigena Zapatista), Mexico


Marche Mondiale des Femmes/World March of Women

Medical Mission Sisters


Mesa Ambiental Region Pacifico

MIJARC (Mouvement International de la Jeunesse Agricole)

MMC Brasil (Movimiento de Mulheres Camponesas)

MNLE – Réseau Homme & Nature

Mocafor Movimiento Campesino de Formosa

MOPAR (Movimiento Popular Oscar Arnulfo Romero)

Moringa Tree Foundation

Mouvement d’Action Paysanne, Belgium

Movimiento Mesoamericano de Permacultura

MST Brasil (Movimiento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra)

MTML (Mesa de Trabajo sobre Migraciones Laborales)/Ecuador

Mupo Foundation

National Campaign Committee for Rural Workers – India

National Farmers Platform The Gambia

National Farmers Union (Canada)

Nature Tropicale ONG – Benin


Network for Social Justice and Human Rights

Network Institute for Global Democratisation

Netzwerk Afrika Deutschland

NFFPFW (National Forum for Forest-People and Forest People)

Niger Delta UPR Coalition

NOAH – Friends of the Earth Denmark

NOUMINREN (Japan Family Farmers Movement)

No-Vox Network

NOW (Network on Women Farmers

Observatori del Deute en la Globalitzacio

Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización

Observatorio Sociolaboral y del Diálogo Social en el Ecuador

OBV-Via Campesina Austria

Ohole Ambassadors (Namibie)

OLT (Organizacion de Lucha por la Tierra)

ONAI (Organizacion Nacional de Aborigenes Independiente)



ONG CARAF (Collectif africain de recherche-action-formation) – Sénégal

ONG CLUCOD (Club Universitaire Unesco pour la lutte contre la drogue, le VIH/Sida, le tabagisme et les autres pandémies)


ONG Harmonie Planétaire

ONG Jeunesse Agricole Africaine

Organizacion campesina movimiento huasteco democratico a.c.

Organizacion Fraternal Negra Hondureña

Otros Mundos AC/Chiapas – Amigos de la Tierra Mexico

Oxfam International

PACM (Pan-Africanist Community Movement of Sierra Leone)

Pakistan Dehqan Assembly

Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee (Peasants coordination committee)

Panier bio de la vallée

PAPDA (Plateforme Haïtienne pour un Développement Alternatif) – Haïti

Parque Reserva Cerro de La Conejera

Pastoral Social Benjamin Aceval Paraguay

Pax Romana ICMICA

Paz Núñez

PELUM – Kenya

PELUM Association Regional Desk

People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty

Pesticide Action Network Germany

Peuples Solidaires en association avec ActionAid

Phagma Drolma – Asociacion para la Solidaridad con el Pueblo Tibetano

PIDHDD (Plataforma Interamericana de DDHD, democracia y desarrollo)

PLANT (Partners for Land & Agricultural Needs of Traditional Peoples)

Plataforma Boliviana Frente al Cambio Climatico

Plataforma Rural

Plateforme Paysanne du Niger

Plateforme pour une agriculture socialement durable – Suisse

Poder Estudiantil Popular

Prensa Indigena Organizacion

Prensa Indígena.Org (México)

Presentation Justice Network

Pro Comunidades Indigenas (PY)

Purpose Group International

Quimet Colom Toldrà

RADEM (Recherche et Action pour un Développement Multi-sectoriel)

Rainforest Action Network

RAINS (Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems)

RAPDA (Réseau africain pour le droit à l’alimentation) Togo

RAPDA (Réseau Africain pour le Droit à l’Alimentation) – Burkina Faso

RAPDA (Réseau Africain pour le Droit à l’Alimentation) – Côte-d’Ivoire

Red Andalazu de Semillas

Red de Coordinacion en Biodiversidad

Red de Semillas

Red Latina sin fronteras

Red Latinoamericana sobre Deuda Desarrollo y Derechos

Redaktion Materialien

REDES-Amigos de la Tierra Uruguay 1280.

RELUFA (Réseau de Lutte Contre la Faim) – Cameroun

Réseau Plaidoyer et Lobbying – Mali

Retorno a la Tierra Costa Rica

RFA Uganda (The Rights to Food Alliance)

RMALC (Red Mexicana de Accion frente al Libre Comercio)

RSS (Rural Reconstruction society)

Saeed Baloch Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum

Sajogyo Institute-Bogor

School for Wellbeing Studies and Research

SEBA group-uganda

Secours Catholique – Caritas France

Secretria de Ambiente, Recursos Naturales y Sociedad de la Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos

Semences Poétiques

SERPAJ AL (Servicio Paz y Justicia en America Latina)


Sierra Leone Network on The Right to Food

SIF (Solidarité des Intervenants sur le Foncier)

Sindicato de Obreros des Campo

SLFA (Sustainable Livelihood Farmers Association) – Tamilnadu

Slow food Mar des Plata

SNAPRICC-CI (Syndicat nationale des producteurs individuels de café et cacao en Côte-d’Ivoire)

Society for Threatened Peoples


Solar Fire

Solidaires-CADTM (Comité d’Annulation de la dette du Tiers Monde) – Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville

Solidaridad Suecia America latina SAL

solidariedade imigrante

Solidariedade Imigrante


Solidarité Mondiale contre la Faim

Sortir du colonialisme

SOS Faim Belgique

SPP (Surplus People Project)

Stichting Graal Nederland

SÜDWIND, Austria

Sundarban Banadhikar Sangram Committee


Sustainable Development Institute, Liberia

Synergie Paysanne

TCOE (Trust for Community Outreach and Education)

Technology for Life NGO

Terra de Direitos – OSC

Terra Nuova

Terre de Liens

Terre des Hommes France

Territorio ( grupo de estudio sobre cuestion agraria, uso y tenencia de la tierra en Colombia – Universidad de Antioquia)


The Big Carrot Natural Food Market

The Global Native

The National Right to food Network

the National Right to Food Network MALAWI

The Oakland Institute

The Social Justice Committee of Montreal

Timberwatch Coalition

Transnational Institute

Tzuk Kim-pop

UACDDDD (Union des associations et des coordinations d’association pour le développement et la défense des droits des démunis)

UFFCA (Uganda Fisheries and Fish Conservation Association)

UK Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

UNAM Oaxaca

UNES (Unidad Ecologica Salvadora)

Union Paysanne (Québec)

Union Solidaria de Comunidades Diaguita Cacano


USMEFAN (United Small and Medium scale Farmers’ Association of Nigeria)

Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty

Veterinarios Sin Fronteras

Via Organica

Village Technology Trust (Solomon Islands)

WAC (Women’s Action for Change)

Wamusiru Mundaka of When Rains Fail (WHRAF)

WGWG (Women for Green Way for Generation)

WHY Hunger

WILPF Italia (Women International League for Peace and Freedom)

WILPF Netherland

Women’s Food and Water Initiative (Vancouver Island)

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

World Forum For Alternatives/Forum Mondial des Alternatives

World Forum of Fish Harvesters & Fish workers

World Rainforest Movement

Xarxa de Consum Solidari

Youth of Development Fund – Spire

Zi Teng (sex workers concern group, Hong Kong)