France : Victory for the anti-GMO hunger strikers

Press Release

(Jakarta, 12 January 2008) La Via Campesina is happy to announce that José Bové and the 15 other anti-GMO hunger strikers won a major victory yesterday with the French government’s decision to ban the GMO Monsanto maize "MON 810", the only variety authorized in the country so far.

This significant decision was taken because of the risks this genetically modified variety poses on the environment. The 16 French activists launched a hunger strike of indeterminate length on January 3 in order to achieve the activation of the cautionary principle, permitted by European law, that allows a country to edict a moratorium on the commercialization of a genetically modified seed if new scientific evidences show that it threatens the environment.

The international peasant’s movement La Via Campesina is a strong opponent of genetically modified crops. It considers the French government’s decision as a strong signal to reconsider a total ban on GMO crops in Europe and in the world.

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