Nyéléni Newsletter: Food Justice and Food Sovereignty in USA

The new edition of the Nyéléni Newsletter is now online!  

Read the first edition of the newsletter about the situation of one region! This edition explores the relation between Food Justice and Food Sovereignty in the United States.

Food Sovereignty emerged as La ViaCampesina’s bold response to the “free trade” regimes destroying livelihoods around the world. 

It’s been taken up widely by communities around the World reeling from the spread of agrofuels, GMOs, land grabs and the “privatization of everything.”

Food Sovereignty reflects the deep resistance of people’s historical struggles against exploitation, oppression and colonization.

When communities fighting for their rights discover the principles of food sovereignty, their reaction is often “Yes! That’s what we’re doing!”

Food justice is one such struggle. The radical roots of food justice in the United States are deep in the movement for Black Liberation.

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