Final Declaration of the Continental Meeting on Youth and Agroecology

We, the youth representatives from 11 countries of South America, Central America, North America and the Caribbean, are gathered for the Continental Meeting on Youth and Agroecology in the municipality of Peralta Azua, in the southern region of the Dominican Republic. From January 21 to 24, 2022, we organised debates and exchanged productive experiences within the framework of our cultures, struggles and internationalism.

The current agenda of the peasantry agroecology allowed us to raise a proposed plan of action in line with the reality of our territories and the solidarity of the peoples as a banner of continental and international struggle.

As in other productive sectors of the world, the impact of the pandemic has been very negative in the agricultural sector, generating a great social and economic loss. Small and medium-sized producers have been affected. The lack of government support in some countries aggravated the impact of COVID-19, worsening the social, political, health and economic crisis.

We, the youth, reaffirm our commitment to defend agroecology as an important part of the struggle for food sovereignty and the rights of peasants.

We stand in solidarity with the countries of Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia as they resist the interference by and influence of capitalist, neoliberal countries, where agribusiness and transnational corporations continue their indiscriminate onslaught.

We denounce the criminalization of the struggles, attacking the sovereignty and autonomy of the peoples, provoking displacements, forced migrations and worsening of poverty in some countries.

We call for guaranteed full respect for gender equality, the fundamental rights of the entire population and a life free of violence and insecurity.

We also call for the guarantee of the universal right to health to all, and denounce the attempts to monopolise COVID-19 vaccines by the rich countries, thus violating the right to health of the most impoverished countries.

Dominican Republic, 2022, CLOC /LVC

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