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Commemoration of International Peasant Struggle Day

17 April 2004

press release

Actions around the World April 17, 2004 International Day of Peasant Struggle

Peasant and farmers movements together with social movements are protesting the policies of the World Bank, strengthening the struggle for land, and defending food sovereignty. On April 17th, the International Day of Peasant Struggle)°, a number of actions will take place in 26 countries. On this day, Vía Campesina organizations, together with other social movements, express their commitment to strengthening the struggle to defend the rights of peasants and rural women to land and food sovereignty. The Vía campesina, together with FIAN, denounce the policies of the World Bank which favours policies that concentrate land in fewer hands, turns land into a commodity, and promotes liberalization of markets thus destroying peasant productive capacity. We also denounce the complicity of the World bank in massive and systematic violations of the human rights of peasants and rural women.
We call on governments to take steps to stop repression against our organizations and to respond to our legitimate demands.

Let’s globalize the struggle Let’s globalize hope

International Coordinating Commission of the Vía Campesina
To receive information about this day of action please subscribe to the e-mail list “viacam17april” created especially for this day of action. Just send a message to viacam17april-subscribe@yahoogroups.com You can also go to the Vía Campesina web page at http://www.viacampesina.org (click on “17 abril”)

)° The 17th of April is the celebration of the International Day of farmers struggle, established because of the massacre of 19 farmers of the Landless Movement (MST) in Brazil on the 17th of April 1996 during the second conference of Via Campesina in Tlaxcala Mexico.
For more information on the 17th of April and the positions of Via Campesina please contact the members of the International Co-ordinating Committee of Via Campesina in your region:
South America MST-Brasil Tel/fax: +55.11.3361.3866 Email: sri@mst.org.br ANAMURI-Chile Tel/fax : +56-6973217 Email : internacional@anamuri.cl Europe CPE Tel: +32.2.217 3112 Fax: +32.2.218 4509 Email: cpe@cpefarmers.org Caribean ANAP-Cuba Tel : +53-7-324717 Fax : +53-7-333044 Email : amigo@anap.org.cu WINFA (Islas Barlovento) Tel: +1-784- 456 2704 Fax: +1-784-456 1383 winfa@caribsurf.com South East-East Asia FSPI Indonesia Tel no: +62 – 61 – 7864286 Fax No:+ 62-61-7862073 Email : petani@indosat.net.id KWFA South Korea Tel.: +82 2 529 6349 Email: junyeonong@hanmail.net North America UNOCA -MexicoTel/Fax: +52-57-4150 65 o +52-57-40 04 86 Email: comisionejecutiva@unorca.org.mx D NFU Canada Tel : +1-306 -6529465 Fax : +1-306-664 6226 Email : nfu@nfu.ca South Asia KRRS Tel/fax: +91.80.330.2171 Email: chukki10@hotmail.com Central America ASOCODE Tel/fax: +504. 235.99.15 Tel/fax: +504. 232.21.98 E-mail: asocode@sdnhon.org.hn BAPO-Belize Tel/Fax: +501 923672 Email: bapo@btl.net
International Operative Secretariat-IOS, Rafael Alegria Tel/fax: +504. 235.99.15 Tel/fax: +504. 232.21.98 E-mail: viacam@gbm.hn Webpage Via Campesina http://www.viacampesina.org


17 April 2004
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