Europe: ECVC launches campaign in June on diversity in small-scale farming and rural areas

This pride month of 2022 we are launching a campaign to shed light on diversities in small-scale farming and rural areas. To participate, you can send contributions and spread the word. To better know how to engage and when you can find the call in English, French and Spanish in pdf.

Calling all ECVC members and allies! You’re invited to take part in ECVC’s campaign to celebrate diversity in small-scale farming and rural areas during the last two weeks of June 2022. The campaign is part of the ongoing work by the Gender and Sexual Diversities group, aiming to increase the visibility of the LGBTQI+ community in farming and rural areas and further develop this focus of work within ECVC.


We are asking individuals to tell us what diversity in small-scale farming, family farming and rural areas means to them. We’d like you to finish the sentence “Diversity in farming is…” and find a photo, song, poem, video, collage or any other resource or media that somehow captures that idea and/or feeling for you. You can then send it to us via email for us to share or share it directly with us on social media.

You don’t have to have created the resource: we are looking for messages and resources that in the future can be used to increase the visibility of the Gender and Sexual Diversities group in ECVC’s work. This could be a song to use in a mistica, a poem to be used in a publication introduction, or photos to go in our activity report, or anything else you can think of.

This will be really useful for upcoming political processes, such as the consultations that will take place on UN Decade of Family Farming in September. We’d like to use this campaign as a way of facilitating contributions with a focus on diversities for that consultation process.

When and how?

If you already know you want to participate, you can send contributions to We will spotlight some of the contributions on the ECVC page from the 20 June – 3 July, to encourage others to do the same. If you want your name/organisation/pronouns etc to be attached to the post, include that info in your email. If you want to participate anonymously, just mention it and we will only post the resource and the sentence without identifying you.

If you want to participate but need inspiration, you can wait until the campaign is launched on the 20 June and then post from your own account tagging @ECVC1 any time until 3 July. You can also checkout our publication “Embracing rural diversities” to read the experiences of some members and allies.


Stick to one sentence and resource per post but send as many contributions as you like! You might have lots of different possible answers in mind – we are happy to hear them all and share all of the resources with the community.

Whether you have 10 minutes or 10 hours, we want to hear what you have to say. Whether you keep it simple or get creative, the most important thing is that your voice is heard.

Use the hashtag #ProudToBePeasant or #ProudToSupportPeasants and tag @ECVC1 on Facebook and Twitter. Share this call within your networks and organizations.