Donate to support the struggle in Honduras

Jakarta (Indonesia), 13th January 2010

To all friends of La Via Campesina:
Through this letter, Via Campesina would like to thank all those individuals and organizations who responded in solidarity to the call for financial support made by our movement to support the brave people of Honduras in their resistance struggle.
We are deeply grateful for your commitment to the tens of thousands of people in Honduras who are fighting to overthrow the illegitimate /Coup d’etat /and/ /reinstate democracy in the country.
Over the past weeks Via Campesina received 9,381.09 Euros in total between two accounts set up to receive donations, of which 2,815.91 Euros was used to partly finance the international peasant farmers delegation, which traveled to Honduras to show solidarity with our
comrades there, and the rest, 6,565.18 Euros have been sent directly to Honduras to finance the resistance of the Honduran people.
Thank you for your commitment, solidarity and trust in La Via Campesina.
Henry Saragih