Denouncing Repression in Honduras

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Today, Monday 29 June at 2.45pm in Honduras, the Armed Forces and National Police suppressed more than 50,000 protestors who were in front of the Casa de Gobierno (Government House) defending their democracy based on the rule of law. Faced with the coup d’état against President Manuel Zelaya Rosales, the protesters were demonstrating peacefully demanding the return of our President Zelaya because we are not willing to accept any post-coup government such as that of Micheleti.

The soldiers suppressed us with weapons and tear gas and due to this various people from the popular movement were injured. This action dispersed the protestors. The brutal repression by the Armed Forces of Honduras towards approximately 50.000 protestors with men and women being pushed back left 75 people injured, 3 dead and 30 arrest warrants issued.  The situation for popular leaders is quite difficult as the coup government is repressive and shows no mercy with those of us who don’t accept the said government.
We call on the national and international community to denounce this coup d’état and this repression against the Honduran people whose only crime was wanting to be consulted.

We call on all the international peasant movement and the social movements of the world to show their solidarity by taking action in their respective countries to condemn this situation, as we the Honduran people are not prepared to accept this coup government and call Honduran society to civil disobedience.

We denounce the media businesses in Honduras such as Televicentro, Emisoras Unidas, Radio America and Radio HRN; these media outlets are trying to cover things up by telling the general people that nothing is happening in their county, they’ve taken radio stations and TV channels off the air so people don’t realise what’s happening.

We Hondurans reiterate our promise to rescue our democracy.

Tomorrow the Honduran people will return to the streets to demonstrate until they restore President Manuel Zelaya Rosales to power.

We ask you to pass on this news to all of the international community so that we can press for this to be done and so that the aims of this public outcry are achieved.

Our team member Rafael Alegria is in imminent danger due to his involvement in this crisis. However for the meantime he is well along with the rest of la Via Campesina staff.

We’ll keep in touch and we shall keep on fighting.

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