Conférence internationale: « Stop Land Grabbing » 17th – 20th November 2011 in Nyeleni/Mali

The earth, the water and natural resources which should be inalienable common goods are at stake in world economic issues. The way they are currently distributed and managed is a threat to the future of peoples, our alimentation and the planet.

Over 45 million hectares are already the object of transactions either final or ongoing, most often in the utmost opacity and regardless of farmers communities, cattle farmers, fishermen and indigenous populations. Africa itself is being dispossessed of 30 millions when food insecurity is rife. Social cohesion, food sovereignty acted by some african countries and even the State sovereignty itself is being questionned: over 10 million hectares in Mozambique, 300 000 hectares in between hands of a sole indian investor in Ethiopia and over 750 000 ha in Mali…

Family farming based on secular tradition that have ensured and still ensure the food supply of over 70% of populations are being stricken by political and economical decisions that only benefit a few at the will of market opportunities. The most fundamental rights like Human rights, access to land and its securization, to water, natural resources, food are constantly baffled and most often with the complicity of governments.

Although many conferences, articles, TV broadcasts have spoken of the topic, until then the farmers voice has been little heard. It’s about time to strengthen alliances and elaborate strategies with other actors to be efficient on the land and in the autorities.

Therefore la Via Campesina, the National farmers organisation coordination (NFOC/CNOP) of Mali conveys you to come listen, exchange and support those who live these realities everyday, not only their suffering but also their resistance. The objective is to come out with a roadmap of farmers organisations and NGOs, to fight this land grabbing at a local, national and international level.

Contact : CNOP/VIA CAMPESINA Kalabancoura rue 200 .porte 727 BP E 2169 Bamako/Mali Tél : 00223.