Condolences – Egidio Brunetto

It is with deep sadness that we announce the loss of Egidio Brunetto (Landless Movement, Brazil). On Monday the 28th of November Egidio passed away,
he died in a car accident. Egidio has been one of the central leaders in our movement. He was there from the beginning and his contribution
to build La Via Campesina cannot be under-estimated. His vision and his deep understanding of the international context and the movement process
made that he was able to give guidance and crucial support to all of us. In 1996, during the second International Conference of La Via Campesina in Tlaxcala-Mexico it was Egidio that brought the news of the terrible massacre in Carajas-Brasil on the 17th of April, and he proposed the Conference to celebrate every year the International Day of Peasant Struggles on that day.
We still remember and will continue to remember his inspiring work that helped to shape La Via Campesina as it is today. Beside this, he was an admirable, humble person, somebody with a great sense of humor and a great companero for all of us who worked with him. Thanks Egidio for all you gave us, you will stay with us, the struggle goes on!

Henry Saragih,

For Via Campesina International