Compañero Evo Morales!

La Via Campesina’s letter to Evo Morales, the new president of Bolivia.

Compañero Evo Morales
President Elect of Bolivia

In the name of the peasants, family farmers, indigenous people, and migrant farm worker organizations who are members of La Via Campesina, our International Coordinating Committee sends you a fraternal greeting and our deepest felt congratulations for your overwhelming electoral victory on December 18th.

We are proud and happy that a compañero of La Via Campesina–who has always accompanied our struggle to achieve food sovereignty, true agrarian reform, and human rights, and struggled with us against neoliberal policies–will, within a few days, be sworn in as the first president of Bolivia to have risen through the heroic struggles of indigenous peoples, peasants and all the people of Bolivia.

We extend our congratulations to the Bolivian people, to our indigenous brothers and sisters, to the peasants, women, workers, students and progressive forces of Bolivia, for your exemplary democratic exercise in electing a social movements leader to the most important popularly elected post in the country.

We take advantage of this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment with yourself, and with the just and noble causes of the indigenous people, the peasants, and all the people of Bolivia.

We salute you and wish you the best of luck!

Long live the Bolivian people!

Long live the Via Campesina!


Henry Saragih
International Coordinator
International Operative Secretary
La Via Campesina