Call to US movements

Urgent call to U.S. social movements

4th of July, 2009
The arrogant rejection of the negotiation efforts by OAS by the perpetrators of the Military Coup, has complicated the situation in Honduras. At the end of the 72 hours ultimatum issued by the OAS to restore the presidency of Manuel Zelaya, the usurpers have intensified the repression against the thousands of Hondurans who have taken the streets of Tegucigalpa and the main towns, to protest against the Military Coup, and especially against the social leaders of the movement. The usurpers have tightened the control of the media to hide form the world the massive acts of protest against the Military Coup.

The resistance and the struggle of the Honduran people have increased in the last three days. Yesterday, in the peoples’ march to repudiate the coup, approximately 150 thousand people participated.


The International Delegation of Via Campesina, in coordination with the peasants of Central America and the most active social movements of the continent, is supporting and expressing its total support to the people of Honduras and particularly to our member organizations.

Today, more than ever, we need international solidarity and especially, the concrete solidarity of our members and allies in United States.

We especially ask urgently for concrete support to achieve the following:

         To prevent the strengthening of the usurpers headed by Roberto Micheletti.

         The immediate suspension of the curfew and the restoration of the individual liberties of the people.

         An end to the authoritarian actions, the abuses of power, and the violence against the civil population.

         The protection of the lives, spaces and means of the organizations of the social movements.

To achieve these goals, we need urgently that the US social movements put pressure to the North American government, for the following:

         That the Obama administration move from public declarations to concrete actions such as the suspension of all types of collaboration, aid, loans, and agreements with Honduras and the withdrawal of the US Ambassador.


         That the US Congress pass a strong resolution condemning the Military Coup in Honduras, including Congressional Hearings to address the repressive actions of the usurpers and the increasing violations of the human rights of the civil population, and

         A Congressional Delegation to Honduras to monitor the human rights violations situation and to guarantee the lives and the respect of the human rights of the people.

Finally, we ask you to send reports on your plans, actions and recommendations in support of the struggle of the people of Honduras against the Military Coup.

On behalf of the International Delegation of Via Campesina,

Alberto Gomez          Carlos Marentes

Coordinator                 North American Region