Call for Unconditional Release of the Remaining WTO Protestors

Hong Kong People’s Alliance on WTO – 

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The December WTO Conference in Hong Kong has ended but 2 of our friends from South Korea continue to face charges in Hong Kong court.  They are Brother Park In Hwan and Brother Yoon Il Kwon, both of them are members of the Korean Peasants League.  They were temporarily allowed to return to Korea and required to return back to Hong Kong to face court trial from March 2 onwards.  

Brother Park and Yoon were among the hundreds of anti-WTO protesters arrested last 18th December morning after their participation at the mass demonstration on the previous day.  Fourteen of the arrested protesters were charged in court even though there was no concrete evidence against them. Immediately, HKPA together with different local and international organizations launched series of protest actions in many parts of the world. As a result, charges against 11 arrested protesters were dropped on January 11. With the remaining 3, Brother Yang Kyung Kyu, the then acting president of KCTU was also released on February 17 as the prosecutor failed to identify concrete evidence.

Their cause is just and it is legitimate for people to try to voice their opposition to the WTO, be they workers, farmers, migrant workers, women or other members of  the society.  Also, we must take note that the 1,300 persons arrested and filed charges against foreign nationals for assembly related to their opposition to the WTO policies is unprecedented.  The prosecution against Brother Park and Yoon is selective, unjust and politically motivated and a continued act of violence by the WTO against common people. 

It is therefore important that maximum pressure should be done to the Hong Kong government and that charges against them be dropped. Equally important is the need to demonstrate to the WTO that people of the world are monitoring closely the proceedings and will continue to unite to fight against the WTO and its injustices.

The Hong Kong People’s Alliance on WTO and the anti-WTO support group in Hong Kong will be organizing a series of activities throughout the trial period to remind people of the injustices against the WTO protestors and to continue our campaign against the WTO violence against common people.  Furthermore we have set February 27 to March 5 as the International Action Week to rally for international support for their immediate and unconditional release.

During the Week, please gather all those who are against the WTO to do whatever you can to demonstrate your support.  The following are some of the suggestions:

1. You can write protest letter and fax them to the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the WTO.  To fax:

The Honourable Chief Executive
Mr. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Fax:  852 2509 0577


Mr Pascal Lamy, WTO Director General
Fax:  022 731 42 06

2. You can stage a protest action at Chinese Embassy/Consulate or WTO offices.
3. We would welcome letter of solidarity to Brother Park and Yoon or the Korean Peasants League.  To fax:

Brother Park In Hwan and Brother Yoon Il Kwon,


C/o Brother Lee Young Soo
Korean Peasants League
Lastly please let us know whatever action you have taken so we can communicate the information with the 2 protestors and in our press release.

For more information, please contact me again at any time.

In solidarity,

Elizabeth Tang