Bangladesh: Farmworkers demand income guarantee and unconditional cash support as COVID 19 cases soar

Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation and National Women Farmers and Workers Association have issued a joint statement, calling upon their national government to guarantee immediate income guarantee for millions of agricultural workers and casual workers engaged in informal work. The movements have also sought special economic relief measures that include complete cash payment for small scale and marginal farmers impacted by COVID-19.

The current pandemic has impacted farming and fishing families significantly. Country-wide lockdowns, public transportation closure, and emergency movement control measures threaten the incomes and livelihoods of agriculture workers and farmers, including informal sectors workers. The joint statement points out that as many as 20 million low-income working people’s income sources have now completely stopped.

The movements have put forth a 12 point demand, which they feel needs to be accepted and implemented immediately to ease out the difficulties faced by peasant families.

Read the full statement here.