Appeal for Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners and detainees on hunger strike in Israeli prisons

09 May 2017

By Union of Agricultural Work Committee (UAWC)

To all Human Rights and human dignity defenders,

To all who oppose Israel crimes and terrorism,

Palestinian Prisoners and detainees are on an open hunger strike for the 23rd day respectively demanding of their basic rights, Israeli brutal Occupation has detained their freedom as a punishment for their legitimate struggle against occupying their homeland, it even deprived them from their basic needs, and practices systematic repressive policies against them, which violates the International Law principles.

Today Israeli Authorities are threatening prisoners with forced feeding; which is a brutal procedure that inflicts severe bodily harm against hunger striking prisoners which might result in death; and is against international law.

Israeli prison authorities ramping up punitive procedures in an attempt to pressure prisoners to break their strikes, hunger-striking prisoners has continuously been transferred into solitary confinement, Israel Prison Service has banned lawyers to visit the prisoners, in addition to unannounced inspections and searching the prisoner’s rooms, also they ban prisoners to have salt, which resulted in a serious deterioration of hunger-striking prisoners’ health.

The continuous denial of the Israeli occupation to respond to the Hunger Strikers demands; is a renewed episode of their arrogance, which does not assess any weight to the International conventions and declarations. Palestinian Prisoners and detainees persist to continue their hunger strike, as a recognized right by all Legislations and International conventions, as a legal mean to face the inhumane conditions practiced by the Israeli jailer. These inhumane conditions, which contradict all declarations and agreements undertaken by the International Community represent as constant principles, rules and procedures governing relations between the detainees and prisoners on the one hand, and the military occupation on the other.

Everyone today is called upon to protest and hold activities in solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoners Hunger Strike;

Let our message of solidarity be to all Palestinian detainees

who are resisting with their empty stomachs

The tyrants are trembling in front of your steadfastness

The political cartoon that accompanies this statement of appeal was created by Carlos Latuff for LobeLog. More solidarity artwork can be found here.