Action of Via Campesina in front of the WTO building

(Geneva, December 1st.2009) Today a group of twenty delegates from La Via Campesina, originating from India, Indonesia, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, France and Switzerland, along with delegates from the « Climate and social Justice” caravan, and some people from Geneva blocked the way into the building of the WTO during 45 minutes with a peaceful sitting demonstration.


The demonstration denounced the work carried out on a daily basis in this building against the interests of peasants as the WTO staff arrived this morning.
During this action the activists shouted various slogans such as “Down Down WTO! What we want is food sovereignty, now!” and sang various songs in the languages of the delegates!

This afternoon, the delegations from La Via Campesina and from the “Climate and Social Justice” caravan will visit Bunge, Cargill and Migros representatives of those who destroy the world agriculture. Afterwards they will visit a farm “Les Charrotons” which is a symbol of hope.