Action in front of EU Commission offices this 17/01 : Against new GMOs and for the Right to seeds – Peasants’ Rights

On January 18th, the General Prosecutor of the European Union Court of Justice will present his conclusions on the European regulations on new GMOs, also known as “new selection techniques”. At a time when corporations are leading an intense lobbying campaign to be able to dump their new GMOs in the market without prior assessment and labeling, this decision is fundamental as it concerns farmers’ rights to seeds and consumers’ right to choose their food.

In light of this, representatives of ECVC member organisations in Brussels plan a rally and demonstration on January 17th in the European quarters to alert the European Commission on the dangers of the potential non-regulation of these new GMOs.

This action will be part of a wider campaign led by ECVC and the international peasant movement to urge European authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure that farmers’ rights such as the rights to seeds, access to land and the right to fair prices for their production are not trampled on. This is the reason why we will make our voice heard on the 17th of January, in order to defend the UN Human Rights Council Declaration on the Rights of Peasants, a process that the European Union block has not yet decided to support.

The mobilization will take place on Wednesday, 17th of January at 9:30 am. Our march will start in front of DG SANTE’s office (Rue Breydel 4), and will then make its way to two Commission offices (DG GROWTH and EEAS), to conclude in front of DG AGRI.

ECVC invites all citizens and civil society groups concerned to join the action!

If you need more information, please write to with “17 JAN Action” as the subject for your email.

Credit Photo: Antoine Tifine