Act Now to Support Gaza’s Farmers, Farmworkers and Fisherfolk! Help Gaza Feed Itself!

The recent spate of bombings by Israeli forces in Gaza has killed over 260 people, including 60 children and 40 women and forcibly displaced more than 120,000 people from their homes. Missiles pounded the region for 11 consecutive days inflicting catastrophic damages to the lives and livelihood of the people of the area.

Gaza’s Ministry of Agriculture estimated around $27 million in damages, including greenhouses, agricultural lands and poultry farms. Union of Agricultural Workers Committee (UAWC), a member of La Via Campesina, informs that thousands of peasant workers, farmers and fisherfolk in Gaza have suffered crop losses and damages to farm and fishing infrastructure.

Agricultural facilities such as animal farms, wells and irrigation networks have been severely damaged. A full closure of the sea and destruction of fishing boats have disrupted fishing activities and threaten the food security of over 3600 fisher families. 

A rapid assessment by UAWC in Gaza estimates crop loss in over 50 hectares. Missile attacks have impacted the soil heath and inflicted severe damages on irrigation and transmission networks. Hundreds of greenhouses have been destroyed. The assessment team also informs that scores of agricultural ponds are polluted or covered under rubble.

Extensive damage to sewage stations, sewage networks, water wells pose a humungous challenge and leading to health risks due to unsanitary conditions. The United Nations said approximately 800,000 people in Gaza do not have regular access to clean piped water, as nearly 50 per cent of the water network was damaged in the bombing.

How can you help?

Gaza’s food system is in ruins. Palestinians now seek to restore their water wells, greenhouses, animal barns and fishing boats, among other needs, and La Via Campesina wants to help by contributing USD $250,000 by August 31st, 2021.

By contributing funds through THIS LINK, you can directly help the people of Gaza, particularly the family farms and fisherfolk, to rebuild and reclaim their dignity and livelihood. Every amount counts. As compassionate citizens of this planet, let us stand with the people of Gaza in their struggle to rebuild their lives and access justice.

Globalize the Struggle, Globalize Hope!

La Via Campesina