A new tsunami hits Indonesia

ImageMonday afternoon (17/7) at 3:19 pm local time, a series of earthquakes hit Indonesia.  It occurred in the Indian Ocean near Java’s Southern Coast. These three quakes (from 7.2, 5.5 and 6.1 magnitude) triggered a tsunami which sweeps the Southern Coast of Java. The most severely hit area is Pangandaran. 3 meter-high waves stroke the tourism area.  The other areas affected by the earthquake are Ciamis, Bandung, Cilacap, Jakarta, Kebumen and Yogyakarta. According to Metro TV, more than 100 people are killed, and dozens are still missing.

BMG (Indonesian Meteorological and Geophysical Body) said there are quakes stroke 3 times Java Island: the first one—the biggest—was at 3:19 local time. The second earthquake hit at 4:05 pm, and the last one around 4:13 pm. In Jakarta and Bandung, the biggest cities near the epicenter, people who were still working in the office rushed back home. Buildings cracked and some scenes of panick were seen. But fortunately, there are no reported fatal casualties in Jakarta and Bandung. FSPI’s secretariat and La Via Campesina International Operative Secretariat are safe.

The worse-hit area is now destroyed by ocean waves, creating havoc along 3 kilometers from the coast. Now, people need help on Java’s Southern Coast. Reports said that most of the victims are babies and children, and also women living near the coastal area. Most of them trapped in houses, as they could not escape from rapid wave attacks. Many farmers were hit while they were working in their fields.

On Tuesday (18/7), FSPI quickly built up a solidarity operation and is now organizing coordination post to provide information and relief. The main post is organized by SPP (Pasundan Peasant Union, member of FSPI) in Ciamis. There are 3 other posts in villages near Pangandaran: Purbahayu village, Selasari village, and Bagolo village. 

FSPI and SPP Coordination Post
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 31 (Tonjong)
Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia
Phone. +62 265 776781 or +6281320694229
Contact Person: Imam B. Setiawan (Jack)

In Jakarta:
FSPI Secretariat
Jl. Mampang Parapatan XIV  No. 5
Jakarta – Indonesia 12790
Tel. +62 21 799 1890
Fax.   +62 21 799 3426
Email: fspi@fspi.or.id
Contact person: Agus Rully Ardiansyah (+6281585138077)