“A movement in formation” | Online Screening, Sunday, 18 April 2021

We live in a historical age in which capitalism has exhausted all its possibilities.

From now on, more than ever, capitalism will only offer us more crises of conflict, war, migration, global warming, hunger, pandemics and death. In this context, formation in the La Via Campesina with a perspective of human emancipation is strategic. It has the historical task of contributing to forging collective political subjects, capable of mobilising consciences, resources, and processes for the construction of an emancipatory political project and to transform the reality, the living conditions in the countryside and in the cities.

In La Via Campesina, the political-organisational formation processes become not only trenches of resistance and defence of peasant ways of life and agroecological production, but also seeds for the flourishing of new social, political and economic relations with Mother Earth.

Formation as a comprehensive, systematic, broad, continuous and permanent process must be present at every step of the organisation. If the peoples of the countryside have the great task of producing healthy food, the Movement at the international level has the most beautiful, free and emancipatory work, to be part of the construction of transformations and sovereign, free societies.

For this purpose, we built “A movement in formation” a new video of LVC that shows this construction in the movement, with different voices and actors from all over the world, showing the different practices and methodologies but with the same objective, because to Globalise the struggle and the Hope is not just a slogan, it is our permanent task.

See it this Sunday, April 18 via Facebook. Time: 12.00 CEST/ Harare


Also available in vimeo: https://vimeo.com/534888854