Food Sovereignty

Strengthening Food Sovereignty in La Via Campesina’s Regions: Opportunities and Challenges

Representatives from the ten regions of La Via Campesina presented their analysis of the current political context, focusing on gains and challenges for the peasant movement worldwide. They reflected on how the climate crisis and rise of the right-wing pose new challenges to the food sovereignty movement, and how LVC should resist multiple forms of oppression and achieve food sovereignty.

Historical Challenges for Peasant Movements around the World

Joao Pedro Stedile provides an analysis of the historical contribution of the peasant movement in the last 30 years and it’s significance for the working class, peasantry and humanity. He also provides the future challenges facing the movement and the need to confront fascism and conservative media outlets.

La Via Campesina Allies on the Struggle for Food Sovereignty

On the 4th of December, during the 8th International Conference, in Bogota, La Via Campesina’s allied organizations elaborated on the idea of food sovereignty as an encompassing struggle, explaining how the issues they take up and the battles they wage gain strength from the perspective provided by food sovereignty as a guiding principle and political horizon.