Food Sovereignty

“Not just a war, but a genocide”: La Via Campesina marches in Solidarity with Palestine in Bogotá

As delegates converge in Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, to partake in the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, leaders of the international peasant movement who have already arrived in the city participated in the Bogotá march, commemorating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people. Summoned by Colombian labor movements, the march was attended by nearly two thousand people.

PEASANT VOICES | Episode 3 – At the heart of Food Sovereignty

At its core, Food Sovereignty defends the right to healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced sustainably and ecologically. It empowers people to define their own food and agriculture systems, ensuring small-scale food producers’ control over essential resources such as land, water, seeds and biodiversity.

Kenyan Court Extends Ban on GMOs, Defers Hearing

The High Court has extended the ban on GMOs in Kenya and the hearing deferred to February 2024 for further directions on how to proceed and pronounce final determination of the petitions. Kenyan Peasants League and other petitioners are challenging the lifting of the ban on GMOs in Kenya.

Imminent Massacre Threatens Palestinian Peasants in East Hebron

On October 28, armed settler groups violently attacked several Palestinian agricultural communities in east Hebron. Homes of 55 families vandalized and children traumatized. Livestock stolen. Families given a 24-hour ultimatum to vacate their homes and lands or risk being killed.

Beyond World Food Day

We, signatory organizations, would like to express our concern about the World Food Forum, which seems to sideline the most inclusive global governance spaces for policy dialogue, like CFS and FAO Governing Bodies while strengthening the multistakeholder approach in favor of a wider collaboration with the private sector.