UN Human Rights Council: Good practices, lessons learned and challenges in the implementation of UNDROP

The 30th of June 2022, in the framework of the 50th session of the Human Rights Council, an important side-event on the issue of peasants’ rights took place at Villa Moynier, a historic villa in the heart of Geneva, today the siege of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

The side event was organised by the Permanent Missions of Bolivia, South Africa and Luxembourg at the UN, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland and the Office of the High Commissioner, together with La Via Campesina, CETIM, FIAN International, the Geneva Academy and the South Centre. A very broad and representative spectrum of organizations and entities, showing the importance that this key issue plays in the human rights system.

La Via Campesina, represented by the movement’s General Coordinator Morgan Ody, highlighted the need for a new Special Procedure of the Human Rights Council on the rights of peasants, such as a Working Group of Experts or a UN Special Rapporteur, to support the UNDROP’s implementation. This new mechanism will serve as a follow-up mechanism of the UNDROP, allowing for the monitoring of the situation in the different countries, and providing a space for discussion and exchange of ideas on good practices between States and between States and civil society organizations (in particular those representatives of the rights holders). La Via Campesina call on all countries to support peasant communities and to engage in the creation of this new UN monitoring mechanism.

Morgan Ody’s intervention at the Side Event

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