Kenyan Peasants League to Hold First Peasants Agroecology Summer School

30 March 2019

The Kenyan Peasants League (KPL) a member of La Via Campesina Southern and Eastern Africa Regional Collective is set to hold a Peasants Agroecology Summer School at Mariwa Village in Migori County, Kenya on 15 to 17 April 2019. Hosted by Mariwa and Mulo Clusters, the Summer School will among other things serve as a launch of KPL Mariwa – Mulo Circuit of Agroecology School.

The Peasants Agroecology Summer School is coming hot in the heels of a Pre Peasants Agroecology Summer School that was held on 18 February 2019 at Mariwa Village where content of the Summer School was developed.

The Summer School will see presentations including Land Grabbing Targeting Widows, a Case Study of Siaya, Kakamega, Migori and Machakos Counties by Susan Owiti of KPL Women Collective, Disappeared and Disappearing Grazing Grounds, a Case Study of Migori, Siaya and Baringo Counties by Dick Olela the KPL National Convener, and Disappeared and Disappearing Natural Water Sources including Natural Springs, Swamps, Rivers and Wells, a Case Study of Migori, Siaya and Baringo Counties by David Otieno.

Other presentations will include a Peasants Debts and their effects on Peasant Farmers with a focus on Farmers Seeds and Inputs, a Case Study of India to be done by Sushovan Dhar of the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debts (CADTM), a Documentation of Indigenous Seeds and Plant Varieties kept by KPL Clusters to be done by Everlyne Awuor Okoth the National Convener of KPL Women Collective, Challenges facing Fisher Folk communities along River Nzoia to be done by Maurice Ngesa from Siaya County, Peasant Feminism and Seed Banking including Dissemination of Seeds Posters translated to Swahili, Luo, Kisii, Kamba and Kuria Languages and Printed with support of Grain and Nutritional Justice among others.

There shall also be discussions on the Draft EAC Harmonised Seed and Plant Varieties Bill 2018, the Food Crops Regulations 2018 and the Peasants Rights Declaration.

The Summer School to be attended by farmers from Machakos, Baringo, Siaya and Migori Counties will also provide KPL with an opportunity to induct new members into KPL and into the LVC guiding principles and ideologies.

The first Two days shall be dedicated to intense discussions while the Third day will be dedicated for field visits to the eleven homesteads constituting the KPL Mariwa – Mulo Circuit Agroecology School.

More information to follow

KPL Secretariat