Why agroecology is the solution to hunger and food insecurity?


US Action on February 27: Occupy Our Food Supply!

Occupy Our Food Supply is bringing together the Occupy, sustainable farming, food justice, buy local, slow food, and environmental movements for a global day of action on February 27, 2012. Inspired by the theme of CREATE/RESIST, thousands will come together to creatively confront corporate control of our food supply and take action to build healthy, accessible food systems for all.

Industrial agribusiness corporations like Cargill, Monsanto, ADM and Dupont have gained runaway control of our food systems and to take them back, we'll need all the collective power we can manifest around the world. There are few things more personal than the food we put into our bodies every day. Let's ensure that we can stand by the food we eat from farm to fork. Sign up to take action on February 27 to Occupy Our Food Supply!

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Via Campesina Presentation at the Farmers Forum - 2012

Roma, February 2012 - Farmers Forum 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and fellow peasants

Over the past few years the climate and food crises have pushed peasant food production to the top of the agenda.

The central role of peasant agriculture in terms of job creation, strengthening local economies and protecting natural resources is increasingly recognized. Peasants around the world produce food for over 70% of the global population. At the same time, the majority of the world’s poor are from a rural background.

The majority of investments made in food production are made by the peasants themselves, as the last plenary session of the Committee for Food Security acknowledged in Rome in October 2011. This highlights the importance for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to channel its support towards the peasant sector now more than ever.

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Statement TPPA Food Sovereignty Network

La Via Campesina / Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

La Via Campesina and the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance jointly make this statement at the conclusion of the APEC meeting in Hawaii regarding the further negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

This statement is to express our alarm about the implementation and pursuit of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) across the Asia-Pacific Region, in particular the TPPA. In the wake of the collapse of the Doha Development Round of the World Trade Organisation, national governments are seeking to promote the free trade agenda through FTAs. There is a growing web of FTAs between countries and/or regions, across the world. Australia is currently party to 6 FTAs with ASEAN, New Zealand, Chile, United States, Singapore and Thailand, as well as in the process of negotiating a further 9 FTAs; the TPPA, PACER-Plus; China, Japan, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The region and the world are still experiencing food, energy, financial and environmental crises. Many of these crises have been exacerbated by the removal of policy space for Government to respond as a result of signing free trade agreements.

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