Food Sovereignty Prize Honors Grassroots Initiatives in Haiti, Brazil, Basque Country, Mali and India

August 13, 2013

NEW YORK CITY—Five innovative grassroots groups from across the globe working for democratic access to land, seeds, water and food have been honored with the 2013 Food Sovereignty Prize, the US Food Sovereignty Alliance announced today.

Winners of the fifth annual Food Sovereignty Prize were chosen from among more than 40 inspiring projects creating on-the-ground solutions to hunger and poverty, said the alliance, a network of food justice, anti-hunger, labor, environmental, faith-based, and food producer advocacy organizations.

Top honors go to the Haitian Group of 4 (G4) and the South American Dessalines Brigade, an international peasant-to-peasant collaboration working to rebuild Haiti’s seed, soil and agricultural systems.

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Haitian Farmers Lauded for Food Sovereignty Work

Work by the Group of 4 (G4) union of Haitian peasant organisations, along with assistance from the Dessalines Brigade -  South American peasant leaders and agroecology experts supported by La Via Campesina - has been singled out for promoting “good farming practices and advocat[ing] for peasant farmers” in Haiti.

The two network organisations, it was announced Tuesday, will be awarded the 2013 Food Sovereignty Prize, an annual award given to groups that promote a more democratic, community-based food system.

The G4 alliance represents over a quarter-million Haitians. Its relationship with the South American peasant leadership is intended “to rebuild Haiti’s environment, promote wealth and end poverty” in that country, which continues to feel the devastating effects of the major earthquake that struck the island in 2010.

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Nyeleni newsletter on food sovereignty


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Europe :The CAP is in danger unless it is socially legitimate!

2013-03-05 Eu parlement.jpeg

Letter to all MEPs prior to the vote on the 4 reports of the CAP reform 2014-2020

Dear Sir or Madam, Members of the European Parliament,  

At the March plenary, you will be voting on the 4 reports on the CAP reform 2014-2020.  

European citizens, both taxpayers and consumers, are very attached to diversified European agriculture, present throughout the territory, and largely composed of small and medium-sized family farms. However the CAP reform proposed by the European Commission in October 2011 and amended by the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament (Comagri) in January 2013, allows a very uneven use of CAP direct payments to farms to continue.  

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