Europe :The CAP is in danger unless it is socially legitimate!

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Letter to all MEPs prior to the vote on the 4 reports of the CAP reform 2014-2020

Dear Sir or Madam, Members of the European Parliament,  

At the March plenary, you will be voting on the 4 reports on the CAP reform 2014-2020.  

European citizens, both taxpayers and consumers, are very attached to diversified European agriculture, present throughout the territory, and largely composed of small and medium-sized family farms. However the CAP reform proposed by the European Commission in October 2011 and amended by the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament (Comagri) in January 2013, allows a very uneven use of CAP direct payments to farms to continue.  

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Taiwan : Farmers gather to express their anger


(Taipei Times, Feb 4, 2013). Hundreds of people, including farmers and farming activists from Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia, yesterday rallied against the globalization of agriculture on Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office, protesting against the government’s plans to lift more bans on agricultral imports.

“We gather here today to express our anger, we want to tell the government that we’re fed up with their compromises on our food sovereignty, it’s a serious problem that our food self-sufficiency has dropped to 33 percent now,” Taiwan Rural Front (TRF) spokeswoman Tsai Pei-hui (蔡培慧) told the crowd at the rally. “You’ve put our dining tables and refrigerators in other people’s homes, we want to keep them in our own places.”

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Europe, CAP : “Enough is enough”

European Coordination Via Campesina supports the protest “Wir haben be satt ! “ this Saturday, January 19th 2013, in Berlin.

European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) lends its support to the German demonstration taking place on January 19th 2013 in Berlin, in favor of sustainable family farming. This event is co-organized by AbL, a German member of ECVC, and “Meine Landwirtschaft”, a German coalition of civil society organisations.

In all European countries, we have had enough of an agricultural policy which continues to eliminate thousands of peasants, whilst access to quality food is far from being ensured for all European citizens, and the environment continues to be harmed.

Within the context of the serious financial and social crisis that Europe is experiencing, the CAP post 2013 reform proposal must be more ambitious in terms of creating employment, supporting local agriculture, shortening food supply chains, and “peasant innovation”. To that end, this must include the implementation of a ceiling for subsidies, in addition to support for small farms and agro-ecology.

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Europe, No to privatisation of European dairy policy


(Fougères, 29th November 2012) .At the conference on European dairy policy organised by the Confédération Paysanne and the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC)the ECVC, the EMB (European Milk Board) and FFE (Fairness for Farmers in Europe) issued the following statement: Farmers do not want to produce more for less. A healthy dairy economy cannot be based on selling at a loss (selling milk at less than the cost of production).  No to privatisation of European dairy policy (through contracts). Supply management is essential for maintaining sustainable pan-European milk production on family farms.

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