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People have the right to land and seeds to produce healthy food, and practice food sovereignty!

La Via Campesina Call

October 16 - Global Day of Action for Food Sovereignty

La Via Campesina calls for international support for the Global Day of Action for Food Sovereignty, this coming October 16, the same day that FAO celebrates as World Food Day. The peasant movement affirms that it is only possible to end the global food crisis and hunger through food sovereignty and agro-ecological production.

Current economic policies hinder the development of peasant agriculture and favor agribusiness. Today, the expansion of agribusiness around the world has caused market speculation and food price volatility, destroying people’s food sovereignty, increasing insecurity. 

In this sense, La Via Campesina affirms that the only way out of this food crisis is to end the agribusiness model, and neo-liberal policies which expel peasants from their territories, and drive a process of forced de-peasantization of the countryside. They also cause land grabs, corporate control of our seeds, destruction of biodiversity, and have generated hunger and misery around the World.

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FAO recognizes La Via Campesina's crucial role as the major international small food producer's organisation

La Via Campesina Press release

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_foodsovereigntyfao_photo_FAO_elisabeth.jpg(Rome, 4 October 2013) Today, during a meeting between La Via Campesina and FAO's Director general Jose Graziano da Silva an agreement of cooperation was formalized which acknowledged the essential role played by small holder food producers. Their role was recognised as most important in the eradication of world hunger. The cooperation will focus on various key areas: strengthening peasant based agro-ecological food production, protecting small holders rights to access land and water, as well as improving farmers rights over seeds in accordance with international and national seed laws. This cooperation's framework will lay special emphasis on the key role played by youth and women in food production as well as the need to improve their access to land and other productive resources.

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Small Steps for Peasants Sovereignty


Kampong Lio, Sirnajaya Village, Warungkiara District, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. This place can be described as a village being transformed. The majority of its citizens, especially the young people, work providing rafting tours. However, Wisnu Hermawan (31) and a small group of people still choose a life as peasants.

One fine afternoon, Wisnu and his three peasant friends gathered together in an open hut partially walled with wood. They drank tea from a bamboo cup and snacked on papaya, getuk (a snack from cassava), as well as other snacks of cassava. Kangkung and sawi (both are local vegetables) are planted around that hut . Not far from the vegetables plots, there is a compost pile of dung and straw wrapped in plastic. That one meter pile of natural fertilizer would be used as nutrients for the plants.

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