Korea: Women Peasants demand rice price stabilization


Women peasants in Korea are furious. On October 20, 2009, around 200 women peasants of the Korean Peasant Women Association (KWPA) gathered at Yeuido in front of parliament, demanding a guarantee for rice prices and a resumption and legalization of rice aid to North Korea.

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La Via Campesina Asian women's exchange program to stop violence against women in Bangladesh

Peasant women from the Asian La Via Campesina movements in The Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Nepal and India visited Bangladesh for an exchange visit program organized by Bangladesh Kisani Sabha (BKS) and Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF) from the 7-14 Aug 09. The aim of the visit was to empower women at national and regional levels and create public awareness of La Via Campesina’s campaign to stop violence against women – physical, economic, psychological, and social violence.


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Stop Violence against women: We must end this culture of exploitation

Presentation by Karen Pedersen, National Farmer's Union (Canada) in the Women Symposium, Korea, March 2009

I come from a continent where our culture defines success as the ability to obtain more and more wealth and power through the exploitation of others. Not surprisingly this thought permeates all levels of our society from our economy to our homes. Unfortunately, we are exporting this culture around the world.

Launch of the Campaing against Violence against women in Korea by the Korean Women Peasant Association and the International Women Committee of Via Campesina. A huge white piece of cloth representing patriarchy was torn apart by the participants of the Seminar on March 6, 2009.

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Director-General of FAO Commends the Struggle of Women of Via Campesina-Brazil

MST Press Release (March 10, 2009)

On the second day of mobilization of the International Women's Day by Via Campesina, a committee of farmers has been received in Brasilia by the Director-General of FAO (UN Food and Agriculture), Jacques Diouf. At the meeting, Diouf heard a report of the actions that the peasants held this week to denounce the Brazilian government's priority to agribusiness and transnational corporations of the export sector, particularly agriculture while leaving the rural workers, food production and land reform in the background.

The head of the FAO said that the UN supports these proposals of Via Campesina and that their struggle is "just and necessary," and mentioned the role of agribusiness in the Brazilian countryside in increased hunger. For Diouf, the state should finance small farming, “since large agro-business is fully able to sustain itself." Diouf pointed out also that only the implementation of Agrarian Reform, the limitation of ownership of land and increasing rates of productivity are able to end hunger in Brazil. "A country has sovereignty and development only if it has land to produce food," he said.

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