Indonesia : Women Farmers of the World head to their IV International Assembly


News from La Via Campesina

(Jakarta, 4th of June 2013)  Within the setting of the VI Conference of La Via Campesina which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, women farmers from Asia, Europe, America and Africa will hold the IV International Women's Assembly on 6 and 7 June, using the slogan Sowing the seeds of action and hope, for feminism and food sovereignty!

Since its birth, Via Campesina has sought to encourage women's participation in all levels of action, requests for power, and representation, as a way of recognising the importance of women in the process of the movement's political construction, and as a way of eradicating all types of gender discrimination.

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Malaysia, Women training to stop violence againts women


(Malaysia February 23-26). A women’s training on stop violence against women was organized in Serian, Srawak Malaysia from February 23 to February 26. The training was organized with participation of 30-40 women including the indigenous people of ‘Dayak’; A women expert was invited to explain the women situation in Malaysia and how we can handle the cases of violence and implement the campaign of La Via Campesina in Malaysia.

After the training a visit was organized to a ‘long house’ traditional house of Dayak people. The tour allowed also to discover Dayak people vegetables gardens in the mountain and Sarawak popular grow of black and white pepper done by women.

International Women’s Day in pictures

2013-03-05 mujeres centram am
2013-03-08 bandera Santa Cruz do Sul
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2013-03-08 Honduras no mas femicidio
2013-03-08 mujeres ocupan INCRA
2013-08-03 Santa Cruz do Sul  marcha
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International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th around the world, is a day to commemorate the struggle and honor the memory of working women of the country and the city, feminists, and women who struggle against capitalism. We are daughters, mothers, relatives, friends, and acquaintances of women who have given their lives to the struggle for our rights, justice, and an end to discrimination.

Europe : the crisis is worsening the inequality for female farmers


On the 8th, 9th and 10th of March, in Lampai (Teo, Galicia) the meeting of women’s working group of the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) took place. In addition to the Galician hosts and their fellow countrywomen from the Spanish State, women from countries such as Austria, Italy, Norway and Poland also attended. A representative of Via Campesina of Latin America, the Brazilian Camila Bonassa, from the Movimento d@s Sem Terra (MST) also took part.

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