Statement of Solidarity with Palestine activist who was prevented from traveling

b_350_0_16777215_00_.._fr_images_stories_womenrally_Articulacin_Mujeres_LVC_21.02.17.jpg15 February 2015 - San Salvador: The International Women’s Articulation of La Via Campesina, gathered in San Salvador, El Salvador, with the participation of women representatives from the Americas, Europe, Africa and North Africa, hereby issues the following statement following the unfair decision of the Israeli forces to prevent comrade Meriam Ismael from leaving Palestine, thus depriving her of her natural and legal right to travel freely to San Salvador, El Salvador, in order to participate in the International meeting of La Via Campesina's Women’s Articulation: 

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"We want to come out stronger and have our rights respected"

Speaking with Inmaculada Ibáñez Vargas from Vía Campesina Europe, just months before the International Peasant Movement's Seventh Conference.

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_Articulacin_Mujeres_LVC_21.02.17.jpg(21 February 2017)  As part of the preparatory process for Vía Campesina's International Conference, which will take place in July in the Basque Country, the women's articulation group from Vía Campesina held a meeting at the organisation ANTA in El Salvador. 

Andalusian Inmaculada Ibáñez, member of the women's articulation group and leader of the women's faction of the Coordinadora Agricultores Ganaderos (a major farmer organisation in Spain), spoke with Radio Mundo Real about the main topics that will be covered by the event. These will be angled from a peasant and popular feminism perspective.

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Women pastoralists: neglected in the 21st century

2016-02-03-Elizabeth Mpofu.jpg19 December 2016

In her last regular column for Farming Matters, Elizabeth Mpofu makes a plea for governments to listen to pastoralists, particularly the women among them.

As a way of life that goes back thousand years, pastoralism has played a very important role in shaping societal relations and defining our diets, culture and religion. While always in motion, over the last 50 years pastoralism has evolved more rapidly, as ‘modern’ agriculture gained popularity as a way to meet industry’s insatiable demands for raw materials.

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La Via Campesina says 'Not one less': No more violence against women!

2016-11-17 Nov 25 Card 1.jpg(Harare, 17 November 2016) On the 25th November, the International Day of Struggle against violence against women;  The Via Campesina will reaffirm its commitment to the struggles for equal rights and human dignity.

We as women carry enormous responsibilities in this world, and feed entire nations using agroecological practices, without our economic, social, legal and political rights being recognised, and without public programmes to guarantee equal social and economic participation.For this reason we are making a global call to our organisations, allies and friends to join forces to support actions, mobilisations and activities to denounce the different types of violence faced by women and to criticise the capitalist patriarchal model and the encroachment of agribusiness in our territories.

On this day of struggle we join the voices of millions of women who came together in Latin America on 19th October to shout  “Not one less, we want us alive”  to denounce the alarming growth in femicide[1] and male-chauvinist and misogynist violence against women. Femicide stems from the structural inequality between women and men, and the domination of men over women; gender violence is a mechanism for these factors to reproduce oppression and discrimination against women.

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