Brazil: Since the return to democracy there have been nearly 2,000 political assassinations in rural areas

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_Criminalizacin_Brasil_28.03.17.jpg Records from the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) show that, since 1985, 1,833 peasants and leaders of the struggle for agrarian reform have been assassinated in conflicts over land, while during the same period of time large land estates have grown by 375%.

(April 25   , 2017) The year 2016 was marked by setbacks all over the country. In the rural areas, the situation did not differ: the number of assassinations caused by land conflicts was higher than it had been in 13 years. With 60 deaths (20% more than in the previous year), 2016 became the most violent year in the countryside since 2003, when (according to the Pastoral Land Commission’s report that was published in 2016) 71 people were murdered in the course of their struggles for land reform and for the protection of their traditional territories.

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Four members of the Landless Workers' Movement, imprisoned since November in Paraná | Urgent call for solidarity from Brazil

b_350_0_16777215_00_.._es_images_MST_Meu_Crime_10.03.17.jpgHave you ever imagined being arrested or imprisoned for struggling for a fairer world?

For this is the situation faced by several human rights defenders in Brazil. Currently, in a scenario of increased setbacks and violations of rights, social movements are subject to constant persecution and attempts at demobilization.

The campaign ‘My crime is to struggle” wants to denounce the process of criminalization that human rights defenders have been suffering in the country.

An emblematic example of this is the situation faced by four members of the Landless Workers Movement, who have been imprisoned since November in Paraná.

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UAWC's statement on the occasion of Land Day

UAWC logo 2014.jpegProtecting Our Land and Supporting Our Farmers

30th March, 2017. Our people in all of historic Palestine and in all countries of exile and diaspora are reviving the 41st anniversary of Land Day to reinforce their attachment to their own land and their unity to defend their existence in the face of the Israel's colonial project.

The revival of this occasion this year came in the light of many challenges and risks facing our people, at the forefront of these risks are daily killings and constant looting of land and its natural resources in Palestine which is considered flagrant violation of all international conventions, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law. These violations in combined with catastrophic division and the absence of consolidated national strategy deteriorate the Palestinian situation.

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Rebellious solidarity: In support of Cédric Herrou

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2017-02-24-_Cedric-AFP-Getty-Images-Valery-Hache.jpgECVC Position

(Brussels, February 10, 2017) In light of the sentence given this Friday morning by the Nice (France) Criminal Court regarding Cédric Herrou, the European Coordination Via Campesina wants to express its deep solidarity with the French farmer from Val Roja, on trial for having welcomed more than 300 undocumented migrants and providing them with humanitarian aid.

It is deeply unsettling that, considering the humanitarian emergency experienced at the borders of the European Union, State authorities are persecuting those that don’t remain indifferent to human suffering, who help fellow human beings overcome danger and live with dignity. EU and member state authorities must wake up and understand that markets and Capital come second to human welfare. Together with Cédric Herrou and with those who fight for solidarity and humanity we say:

STOP the criminalisation of migrants and migration!

STOP persecuting those who act to help humanity!

Photo credit: AFP Getty Images Valery Hache


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