COP 21: Migrant Justice Action: Over 200 Activists March In Solidarity

migrant-action-7sc.jpg(Paris, December 9, 2015) Nearly 200 grassroots activists converged and marched, chanted, and sang with colorful banners, posters and outside the Vincennes detention center in Paris where several immigrants are illegally detained by the French government.

The Vincennes detention center where grassroots communities  gathered is of particular significance, as it was the site of an historic uprising after the death of a Tunisian man while in custody in 2008. This uprising brought national attention to the inhumane treatment of migrants and refugees in detention in Paris.

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The European Coordination Via Campesina in solidarity with migrants

logo-eurovia.pngPress release

Brussels, 14th September 2015

In view of the humanitarian crisis that we are living in Europe, the peasants of La Via Campesina Europe want to show their sincere solidarity with all refugees who were and who are forced to leave their villages and their countries. We show our solidarity especially with Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Kurds, those coming from all different regions of Africa dying by the hundreds on their way to Europe.

We would like to denounce the current cruel European migration policies, as well as all measures put in place to prevent or to complicate the free access to Europe.

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We who come from Africa, the Maghreb and other countries

2015-07-07-CNCR.jpgLa Via Campesina Africa Region II

(July 6, 2015) We, who have been evicted from our land and territories, and dispossessed of our natural resources,

We, young women, men and communities,

We farmers,

We, who live permanently impoverished, in conflict-ridden areas and under threat by armed groups,

We, who are unemployed and desperate,

We, who leave our land and our families, we who face all possible risks including death because we are left with no other choice than to believe that El Dorado can be found on the other side of the Mediterranean.

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La Via Campesina Declaration on Migration and Rural Workers

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_migrants2o15.jpgMarch 25, 2015 – World Social Forum Tunis 2015

The migration of peoples across arbitrary barriers is an integral part of human history. Rooted in the search for better living conditions, this movement of peoples from one place to another was later transformed into a social, economic, and political process that has largely served to benefit ruling elites – the slave traders of the past and the multinationals of the present. Today, as capital demands exceptional freedoms for itself – combined with greater restrictions on the poor – wars, social exclusion, economic injustice, and the global climate crisis are forcing millions of human beings to seek refuge across internationally imposed boundaries.

As financial capital and agribusiness concentrates its power and holdings – diminishing opportunities for diversified and sustainable smallholder farming – precarious livelihoods continue to aggressively push a growing number of rural people off their farms and into the city.

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