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Rebellious solidarity: In support of Cédric Herrou

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2017-02-24-_Cedric-AFP-Getty-Images-Valery-Hache.jpgECVC Position

(Brussels, February 10, 2017) In light of the sentence given this Friday morning by the Nice (France) Criminal Court regarding Cédric Herrou, the European Coordination Via Campesina wants to express its deep solidarity with the French farmer from Val Roja, on trial for having welcomed more than 300 undocumented migrants and providing them with humanitarian aid.

It is deeply unsettling that, considering the humanitarian emergency experienced at the borders of the European Union, State authorities are persecuting those that don’t remain indifferent to human suffering, who help fellow human beings overcome danger and live with dignity. EU and member state authorities must wake up and understand that markets and Capital come second to human welfare. Together with Cédric Herrou and with those who fight for solidarity and humanity we say:

STOP the criminalisation of migrants and migration!

STOP persecuting those who act to help humanity!

Photo credit: AFP Getty Images Valery Hache

UAWC condemns the killing of a Palestinian farmer, Suleiman Hammad

2017-02-09-UAWC Farmer Killed.pngAppeal to the world's free people

The Union of Agricultural Work committees (UAWC) and its agricultural committees strongly condemn the murder of the Palestinian farmer, Suleiman Hammad, 85 years old, after an Israeli settler on Wednesday, 8th February, 2017 had run over him on the 60 bypass road near Al-Khader village, southern Bethlehem while he is going to his land.

The brutal killing of Suleiman Hammad is part of the Israeli systematic violation of the right to life which is one of the most basic human rights to all people. This killing came after just days of the Israeli approval of law to legalize West Bank settlement spots that is built unlawfully on Palestinian land classified as area "C" according to Oslo agreement which will lead to the theft of more Palestinian land.

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Justice for Nicinha and the riverside communities of the Brazilian Amazon

logo-eurovia.pngBrussels, December 21, 2016

The European Coordination Via Campesina expresses its solidarity with the family and comrades in struggle of Nilce de Souza Magalhães, better known as Nicinha, who disappeared on January 7th, 2016. Her body was found 6 months later on the bottom of the Mutum River in the north of Brazil, 400 meters from her home. After undergoing a very long DNA examination, it has only now been released.

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Murdering and bombing of Syrian citizens has to cease immediately – a political solution with the Syrian people has to be found

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2014_Logo.jpgLa Via Campesina Statement on Syria Situation

(Harare, December 8, 2016) The war in Syria goes on, never ending bombardments directly aimed at the civilian population, destroying any social infrastructure including hospitals, food markets and food production. At the moment the regime is on its way to destroy totally East-Aleppo and other cities and regions will follow. Despite the incredible aggression of the Syrian government together with supporting governments and loyal paramilitary groups against the Syrian people, a strong resistance fighting for a political and democratic alternative exists. Syrian peasant and citizens keep on defending themselves, fighting for a self-determined future and demand a political solution of the conflict.

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NFU expresses solidarity with Indigenous land protectors at Standing Rock

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2015-10-15_NFU.pngMedia Release

(Saskatoon, SK, November 30, 2016) – The 47th Annual National Convention of the National Farmers Union (NFU) resolved to denounce the repression of peaceful protesters, including Indigenous land protectors, and expressed its support for the rights of people to engage in acts of civil disobedience in defence of the preservation of water, air, land and wildlife for future generations.

"With this statement, the NFU joins the many thousands of grassroots groups, unions, and Indigenous communities around the world in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as they defend the land and water on their traditional territories," said Katie Ward, NFU Women's Vice President. "As family farmers, we are also people of the land who, like the Indigenous water protectors in North Dakota, want our children and their children after them to be able to cultivate healthy soils, drink clean water and live in a just society."

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FWAF Delegation Returns to U.S. Just Days Before Raid on School in Brazil

Statement by  Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF) in Solidarity with the MST in Brazil:

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2016-11-10-MST_Raid.jpg"We strongly condemn the police and military action at the National School Florestan Fernandes in Guararema, Brazil. Regardless of the motives used by the agents, the invasion violated basic democratic principles, and risked the well-being of students, professors, staff, and their families housed and studying at the institution. We demand an end to these acts of intimidation and violence, and that the Brazilian government respect the work that the MST and all the other organizations do at the school." 

What happened? (Watch video of Brazilian Police Storm MST School)

Just days after four members of a U.S. delegation to Guararema, Sao Paulo, Brazil returned safely to the U.S., there was a civil and military attack on the Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes (ENFF), where the members of the delegation had been staying and meeting.  The raid of the school was carried out without a warrant and without provocation.  Several people were detained as police and soldiers climbed over the reception gate at the school, waved their weapons and fired rounds of live ammunition.

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Solidarity message ECVC: police invades MST school

Press Release - European Coordnation of Via Campesina

ecvc-ceo.jpg(Brussels, 7 Nov 2016)The European Coordination Via Campesina vehemently repudiates the action of repression carried out by the Brazilian police against activists of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) on Friday (4/11) in the Florestan Fernandes National School in Guararema (SP), Brazil.

These acts are the latest in a series of authoritarian and repressive measures that have targeted the MST in recent months, like the murders of two of its members by police seven months ago in the state of Paraná. These actions leave no doubt on the dictatorial and criminalization policies carried out against social movements in the country today.

The National School Florestan Fernandes is an important training space for Brazilian and foreign activists. The way the police raid was executed is intolerable and without legal basis.

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