World Social Forum

Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly – World Social Forum 2015

Tunisia, Tunis, 27 March 2015

The people, united, will never be defeated!

The Social Movements Assembly of the WSF 2015, Tunisia is the place where we come together through all our diversity, in order to forge a collective agenda to fight against capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, racism and all forms of discrimination and oppression.

We have forged a common history and a common stream of work which led to some progress, with the hope to garner some amount of victory against the ruling system and to create several alternatives for a socially just development that respects nature.

People all over the world are suffering the effects of the aggravation of a profound crisis of capitalism, in which private transnational corporations, banks, media conglomerates and international financial institutions are trying to increase their profits by applying interventionist and neocolonial policies with the complicity of neo-liberal governments.

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To Reclaim Our Future, We Must Change the Present: Our Proposal for Changing the System and not the Climate

The capitalist system has exploited and abused nature, pushing the planet to its limits, so much so that the system has accelerated dangerous and fundamental changes in the climate.

Today, the severity and multiplicity of weather changes – characterized by droughts, desertification, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, forest fires and the melting of glaciers and sea ice – indicate that the planet is burning. These extreme changes have direct impacts on humans through the loss lives, livelihoods, crops and homes all of which have led to human displacement in the form of forced migration and climate refugees on a massive an unprecedented scale.

Humanity and nature are now standing at a precipice. We can stand idle and continue the march into an abysmal future too dire to imagine, or we can take action and reclaim a future that we have all hoped for.

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Tunis 2013: If we rely on corporate seed, we lose food sovereignty


It has become crucial to defend seeds. In the past 20 or 30 years, what was once seen as normal – peasant farmers growing, selecting, saving and exchanging seeds – has come under attack from corporations seeking to control and commodify the very basis of agriculture.

This was the subject of the session at the World Social Forum in Tunis on Peasant Seeds jointly organized on March 28, 2013 by La Vía Campesina, GRAIN and the ETC Group.

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Tunisia, Opening March of World Social Forum 2013

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Tunis, 2013: La Via Campesina in solidarity with the aspirations of the Maghreb and Makrech people


Press Release 


The global peasants and food sovereignty movement -La Via Campesina organized a press conference on the 27th March, at the Media center in the El Manar university at the inaugural day of the World Social Forum in Tunis. 

The speakers at the press conference were Josie Riffaud of the Confederacion Paysanne in France, Ibrahima Coulibaly of the Coordination Nationale de Organisations Paysannes of Mali, Nandini Jairam of the Karnataka State Farmers Association of India and Angel Strapazzon from the Indigenous and Peasants Movement (MNCI) of Argentina.

LVC has come to Tunis in a large delegation of more than 50 women and men peasants from around the world. “we come in solidarity with the aspirations of the Maghreb and Makrech people. We are here to start a dialogue about defending peasant agriculture. The majority of the worlds people are small peasants, but there is a corporate assault on their resources – land, seeds, markets and water. It is crucial for us to build unity between peasants around the world and defend peasant agriculture to feed the world and provide dignified livelihoods,” said Josie Riffaud. 

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La Via Campesina press conference at World Social Forum


(Tunis, 25 of March 2013).

To the members of the media,

You are cordially invited to a press conference of the global peasants and food sovereignty movement -La Via Campesina on the occasion of the inauguration of the World Social Forum in Tunis.

When: 9 am, 27 March 2013

Where: Media Center, University El Manar.

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